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Ellis And Henry: Star Trek XI And Abrams

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

As was often the case with actors working on Star Trek XI, Greg Ellis (Chief Engineer Olson) and Sonita Henry (the doctor who delivered the infant James T. Kirk,) found working with J.J. Abrams to be a pleasure.

As reported by Hotter In Hollywood, while happy to be offered a job, Henry was just as thrilled to be working with Abrams. “At the time, I think I was just really happy to book another gig,” she said. “I think I was way more excited about the fact that I got to [work] with J.J. Abrams. I mean, the guy is a friggin’ genius. I’ve been a fan of Alias since the first season.” (more…)

Sonita Henry: Alien Doctor

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Portraying the doctor who delivered James T. Kirk meant dodging stunt people in the corridors while hoping one’s hair didn’t go up in flames.

As reported by Total Sci-Fi, Sonita Henry was a Star Trek fan, but it took until her first day until she really realized how big Star Trek was. “My dad and my brother were huge fans of the original show and I remember growing up watching the movies, like The Wrath of Khan, so I did enjoy it,” she said. “I remember getting the call and they said, ‘Oh, they want to offer you a part in Star Trek!’ But it wasn’t until I was on set, especially on the first day, I think it really sunk in. This is huge!” (more…)

Kirk Baby Doctor Speaks

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Even though details on her character were few, Sonita Henry enjoyed playing the doctor responsible for delivering James T. Kirk.

As reported by Starpulse, although her character’s name was unknown to her, after Star Trek XI debuts, Henry’s will be known to Star Trek fans as woman who played the role of the first person to “meet” James T. Kirk. (more…)