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Star Trek/Doctor Who Parody Comic

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015


A Doctor for the Enterprise, a parody from Amazing Stories featuring the original series and Doctor Who, has just been published.

Written by David Gerrold, the signed and numbered comic will be limited to only five hundred copies.


Wheaton Owes Crusher To Gerrold

Friday, May 23rd, 2014


According to Wil Wheaton, his role of Wesley Crusher came courtesy of David Gerrold.

Wheaton had come to Gerrold’s notice in Stand By Me.


Nimoy Supports Gerrold-Fontana Project

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Several Star Trek actors are lending their support to a new Kickstarter project from David Gerrold, Dorothy Fontana and David C. Fine.

The project is a new sci-fi adventure series called The Star Wolf.


Gerrold: Writing For The Animated Series

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

David Gerrold shared his thoughts recently on the two shows he penned for The Animated Series and explained how James Kirk got his middle name.

When he heard about The Animated Series, Gerrold wanted in on the action. “I’d heard about The Animated Series and I’d dropped notes to Gene [Roddenberry] and Dorothy [Fontana] that said, ‘I’m available if you need me. I’d love to do one.’ Dorothy called me and said, ‘Well, of course you’re going to do the Tribble episode that we didn’t get to do during Star Trek’s third season.’ So I went in and we blocked something out that we thought would work and we had a lot of fun with it.”


Duane: Gerrold Made Me Angry

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Dismissive words from Star Trek writer David Gerrold were exactly what author Diane Duane needed to hear.

Duane mentioned wanting to be a writer to Gerrold when she was working with him as an assistant and his response made her see red. “He rolled his eyes and said, ‘Oy, another one,” said Duane. “I got absolutely furious and went off thinking, ‘You just wait, you SOB: I’m going to show you I’m not just some wannabe.'”


Gerrold: Slander, Lies And Tribbles

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

David Gerrold shared more memories of his time with Star Trek, and  his topics included pesky lawyers, untruths and an Abrams-Trek shout-out.

When Star Trek: The Next Generation began filming, Gerrold was on board, staying through the first season. He shared some of his contributions to the show. “I think one thing was the idea of creating a bigger ensemble and splitting the hero-ing between a captain who is older and more thoughtful and experienced and also a first officer who actually leads the mission teams,” he said. “I felt that was the most sensible way to set up a Star Trek show. It was a suggestion I made way back when I wrote those books. I think that was probably one of the best things I added to TNG. Gene liked that idea a lot.”


Gerrold: Fuzzies, Clouds and Mudd

Monday, January 24th, 2011

When most Trek fans hear David Gerrold‘s name, they think The Trouble With Tribbles, but he also wrote the story for Cloud Minders and rewrote I, Mudd, with one of these episodes proving to be a disappointment for him.

At first, Gerrold called the fertile Klingon-hating furballs “Fuzzies” before changing the name to “Tribbles.” “I made the name change, and in retrospect Tribbles is a much better name because Fuzzies is too cute,” he explained. “I don’t think Fuzzies would have developed the same kind of cultural recognition. You wouldn’t have had people referring to Fuzzies the same way they refer to Tribbles. And I think because Tribbles was a neutral word – ‘Here’s this nice little creature and it’s called a ‘Tribble’ – we added a word to the English language. I made a list of silly-sounding words you could call such a creature and cross off all the ones that were too silly. I wanted people to take them seriously.”


Star Trek: Phase II Origins Prequel Story

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

According to, Star Trek: Phase II, the fan-film series, is in pre-production on Origins, a prequel story featuring a young James T. Kirk.

Star Trek XI told the origins story of the Enterprise crew, now Phase II will take a turn at exploring the early career of James T. Kirk, including the first meeting of Kirk and his logical future First Officer Mr. Spock.


Star Trek: Phase II: Blood And Fire: Part Two

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Fans eager for the continuation of Blood And Fire have good news as the second part of the David Gerrold story is available for download.

The second part of Blood and Fire was released, as promised, yesterday, and can be found here, where fans can download all six parts (teaser, four acts and epilogue.)


Gerrold On Trouble With Tribbles Origins

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Writer David Gerrold shared his thoughts with the Official Star Trek Magazine on why he wrote The Trouble With Tribbles.

The Trouble With Tribbles was meant as a way to show that a starship captain might have to deal with petty annoyances as well as things that might threaten a whole planet, system or galaxy. “My original intention for The Trouble With Tribbles was to demonstrate that not every problem a starship captain might have to deal with would be a big problem, threatening the safety of the galaxy,” said Gerrold. “Once in a while, the little problems could be just as annoying.”


Star Trek Season Two Blu-Ray Details

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

CBS and Paramount Home Entertainment have provided the full details for the Season Two original series DVD Blu-ray set.

As reported by CBS and Paramount Home Entertainment, the seven-disc set features all twenty-six episodes of the second season of the original series as well as one disc devoted to The Trouble With Tribbles.