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November IDW Publishing Trek Comics

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Four IDW Publishing comics will be released this November which feature Tribbles, the Archons, the Mirror Universe, the Borg, and Doctor Who.

The comics include Star Trek Volume 3, Star Trek #15, Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Hive #3 and Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #7.


Trek Comics Hint At Star Trek 2

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

As the IDW Publishing Star Trek comic series chugs along, classic TV episodes are being retold and the series of comics bridges the gap between Star Trek XI and Star Trek 2.

Trek fans looking for clues about the next movie will find hints in those comics, but nothing that will spoil the movie.


July IDW Trek Comic Previews

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Two new Star Trek comic books will debut tomorrow, but fans can see previews of the issues today.

The new comics for this month include Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation 2 #3 and Star Trek #11 (The Truth about Tribbles, Part 1).


September 2012 IDW Publishing Comics

Friday, June 15th, 2012

September will be a busy month when it comes to Star Trek comics.

IDW Publishing has announced its Star Trek comics for September 2012 and five different titles will be offered for eager Trek comic fans.


Two Trek Comic Previews

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Two new Star Trek comics will be released tomorrow, but readers can see a preview of both issues today.

The comics are Star Trek #9, and Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #1.


IDW Publishing August 2012 Comics

Friday, May 18th, 2012

The list of IDW Publishing Star Trek comic titles for August 2012 has been released.

Three comics will hit newsstands this August; Star Trek 100-Page Spectacular Summer 2012, Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation 2: #4, and Star Trek #12.


IDW Publishing July Trek Titles

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Star Trek fans will have three new Star Trek comics to enjoy this July courtesy of IDW Publishing.

The titles include Star Trek Volume 2, Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation 2 #3 and Star Trek #11 (The Truth about Tribbles, Part 1).


Roberson – A Trek Fan Writing A Trek Comic

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

For Chris Roberson, writing a Star Trek comic was natural, given that he had been a fan of Star Trek since childhood.

“As an elementary school student in the 1970s, I ‘dressed up’ for class pictures in Starfleet uniform shirts (usually Sciences blue, since I tended to identify more with Spock than any other character),” said Roberson. “I was a member of the Starfleet fan club in the 1980s, and a member of the Klingon Language Institute in the 1990s.”


Two Star Trek Comic Previews

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Fans waiting for Star Trek #7 and Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #6 to go on sale tomorrow can see a preview of both issues today.

In Star Trek #7, “The adventures of the new crew of the Enterprise continue in this all new two-part story that takes place soon after the events of the last film! While Vulcans struggle to survive in the wake of their homeworld’s destruction at the hands of rogue Romulans, and some Vulcans believe that the logical response can be summed up in one word: revenge!”


June 2012 IDW Publishing Star Trek Comics

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Fans of Star Trek comics will be able to read several new comics this June.

The comics are Star Trek #10, Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation #2, and the Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes graphic novel.


IDW Publishing Trek Comics For May

Monday, February 13th, 2012

IDW Publishing will offer three Star Trek comics for May, one of which will be revealed later this week.

The titles are: Star Trek #9 and Star Trek Classics, Vol. 3: Encounters With the Unknown.


Trek-Who Comic Crossover

Friday, February 10th, 2012

For fans of both the Star Trek and the Doctor Who franchises, the news from IDW Publishing regarding a crossover comic series should make them happy.

In May, a Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover comic series will be released.

The series will feature The Doctor, Rory, Amy, Captain Picard, Will Riker, Data, Geordie LaForge, Worf, Deanna Troi and more.

This will be the first officially sanctioned crossover for the Doctor Who universe. Star Trek has had crossovers with X-Men and the Legion of Superheroes, the latter of which is still in progress.

Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #4 Preview

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

The fourth issue of the crossover comic Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #4 will release tomorrow, but fans can have an early look today.

In Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #4, “the Starfleet officers and Legionnaires have split into two teams, with members of both groups on each team.”


Star Trek 2 Comics Clues

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

For fans waiting for Star Trek 2, reading the new Star Trek comics might provide some hints as to what will happen in the J.J. Abrams sequel.

According to, one of the writers of the new series admitted in the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine that clues could be found in the comics.


IDW Publishing March Trek Comics

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

In March 2012, there will be four Star Trek comics issued by IDW Publishing.

The comics include: Star Trek #7, Star Trek 100-Page Spectacular 2012, Star Trek Vol. 1, and Star Trek/Legion of SuperHeroes #6.