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Biggs: Behind The Mask

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Some actors don’t like having their faces hidden behind makeup and prosthetics, but for actor Casey Biggs, working behind the Cardassian makeup was liberating.

According to Biggs, actors don masks of some type anytime they act anyhow. “It was magnificent because you didn’t have to do anything,” he said. “The guy who was my stuntman, he hated the makeup. He couldn’t stand being in it. To me, you’re most free behind a mask, as an actor, anyway. Every role, you put on a mask of some sort, and this is actually almost a literal mask. All you had to do was stand there and trust that you were interesting enough to be paid attention to.”


Biggs: Taking Damar From Lackey To Leader

Friday, April 6th, 2012

When Casey Biggs was initially asked to play Damar in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, he had no idea that a small role would blossom into four years worth of appearances on the show.

The role was initially supposed to be a one-time appearance. “I …said, ““Why are they asking me to come in here? They could get anyone to do this,'” said Biggs. “It was like one line, or something”.


Spring Trek Convention And Show Guide

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

In a new monthly feature for TrekToday, fans can see just which conventions or shows will be featuring Star Trek actors who were regulars or guest stars on various Star Trek shows or movies.

There will be four conventions or shows in April and May that feature Trek actors of interest, including: Sci-Fi on the Rock, Hollywood Show, Vulcan, and Phoenix Comicon.