Trek Ice Cube Maker and Shot Glasses



Two new items will be of interest to fans of the Borg, and fans of Trek retro-style comics.

The new items include an ice cube mold and shot glasses.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation Borg Ice Cube Tray arrives next month, courtesy of Diamond Select Toys. Made of silicone rubber, the mold will allow fans to create ice cubes, gelatin or chocolate in the shape of a 1 1/2-inch Borg cube. The Borg Ice Cube Tray comes packaged in a full-color window box.

To pre-order the Borg Ice Cube Tray, which sells for $8.99, head to the link located here.

Next up is a set of four original series retro-style art shot glasses. The Star Trek Quotes Shot Glass 4-Pack “features famous faces and famous quotes from the one-and-only Star Trek. There’s Captain Kirk with ‘Set Phasers to Stun,’ Mr. Spock and ‘Highly Illogical,’ the U.S.S. Enterprise and ‘Space, the Final Frontier,’ and Dr. ‘Bones’ McCoy with his trademark ‘I’m a Doctor, not a…'”

The set of four shot glasses will sell for $17.99 and will be available in October. To pre-order, head to the link located here.

Source: The Trek Collective

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  • AdmNaismith

    Borg [Ice] Cubes?

    Hella yes

  • Admiral Bear

    Lovin’ the Borg Cube ice maker. Excellent idea,

  • Jim

    The Borg ice cube maker seems okay but the Star Trek brand is continually cheapened by tat like this, and those Bobble head figures and a whole host of other crap.
    Quality collectibles like the Hot Toys figures, or accurate prop replicas would be so much better than a lot of the rubbish that is being churned out.
    It saddens me to see things like this being made.

  • Admiral Bear

    I do see your point. There’s certainly a lot of rubbish being produced, presumably with the blessing of CBS’s licensing people. Any thing decent like the TWOK replica uniforms are stupidly priced and limited in number. I’d like to see some masterpiece type replicas like Takara did in Japan with the original G1 Transformers.