Trek Big Bang Figures



Seven new figures from Bif Bang Pow! will be of interest to fans of Star Trek and The Big Bang Theory.

The figures are Big Bang Theory characters wearing Trek uniforms.

Similar in style to the Mego action figures of the 1970s, the eight-inch-tall figures include Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Bernadette, and Amy.

The figures, which will be available soon from Entertainment Earth, come with appropriate accessories (tricorders, phasers and such), and will sell for $24.99 each.


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  • Admiral Bear

    No. Just no.

  • Guest

    Agreed. This is cute, but getting a little too meta for my taste.

  • NoMoreSheldon

    As long as people buy every bull**** with the name Star Trek on it the companies keep buying licenses for **** like this.

  • Daniel Ireland

    If people want it, why not? There’s a lot of crap in this world that I’m not interested in buying so guess what I do? I don’t buy it!

  • Milo

    I hate this show, can I just say that? It’s kind of tiring fans of this show almost expecting that every Star Trek fan HAS to like it. Why? It’s just one big “make fun of the fans and act like your” not every time Star Trek is referenced. I say it puts Star Trek fans down. I’ve lived that life, why do I now I have to re-watch it as entertainment? Major PASS on this!