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Later this month, a new book should be of interest to fans of the artwork of Artist John Alvin.

Alvin has created over one-hundred-and-thirty movie posters, including the one for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

StarTrekFinalWritten by Alvin’s window Andrea, an experienced graphic designer in her own right, and published by Titan Books, The Art of John Alvin “collects some of Alvin’s finest work, but also includes previously unseen comprehensives and in progress sketches.”

“John Alvin was an American movie artist who painted movie poster art for over one-hundred-and-thirty films, including E.T., Blade Runner, The Lion King, The Princess Bride and Jurassic Park, as well as the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean film series. He also produced work for Disney Fine Art (Disney character official portraits)”

“John Alvin’s movie poster art is among the most iconic of the last forty years, from Disney films such as Beauty and the Beast and Pinocchio, to Empire of the Sun, Gremlins, Blazing Saddles, Predator, and Star Wars thirtieth anniversary posters.

Andrea Alvin worked with John in his studio, and has “contributed substantially to the creation of ad campaigns for such movies as: Batman Returns and Batman Forever for Warner Bros., and Pinocchio, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules and The Little Mermaid for Disney Studios.”

The Art of John Alvin will be released August 26, and can be pre-ordered here, where it will sell for $21.12.

Some never-before-seen poster sketches for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and the final poster artwork for the movie can be seen above left and below. Click on each thumbnail to enlarge.









Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country © 1989 by Paramount Pictures Corporation. All rights reserved.

Source: Press Release

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  • Lesha Kulitsky

    Hey guys! Kirk, Spock and McCoy are here in new Star Trek game on AppStore

  • Richie

    Wow…! This is wonderful! Movie posters are – literally – a lost art. Nowadays, it’s all just boring, predictable photoshop jobs with floating heads and airbrushed, posed actors pasted into boring backgrounds. They’re unimaginative, unoriginal, and boring. I miss the days when movie posters were painted by hand by incredible artists, with vivid colors, amazing images, fantastic memories. I will happily get this book.

  • Theragen Derivative

    I have the TUC one-sheet framed on my wall. Gorgeous image. They really don’t make em like this anymore.

  • Film Art Lover

    I once met John Alvin at ArtInsights which is a
    very unique film art and animation gallery located in Reston Virginia. I buy all my film art from ArtInsights.

    I can’t wait for this book!!! I’ve been a major John Alvin fan for many
    years. I love John’s work!

    The owners were great friends of John and his
    wife Andrea and one of the owners of ArtInsights Leslie Combemale (one of the
    owners) was fortunate enough to interview John on a couple of occasions. Check out this link