IDW Publishing November Trek Comic



One Star Trek comic will be published by IDW Publishing this November.

The comic is Star Trek #39.

In Star Trek #39, “It’s the penultimate chapter of the The Q Gambit! Captains Kirk and Sisko must work together to fight back against the forces of the Dominion! Meanwhile, Spock attempts to free the Enterprise and her crew from the clutches of the nefarious Dukat! And just what is Q planning for everyone involved? The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance. ”

The thirty-two page issue was written by Mike Johnson, with art and cover by Tony Shasteen. Star Trek #39 will sell for $3.99.

Source: Comics Continuum

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  • bean

    This storyline is the first one from Mike Johnson that truly stands out. His work on Trek, until now, has been off-base and uneven. His plots are weak, his characterizations off. But this one’s damn good. Maybe this is a sign of good things to come.

  • Ineverlikedabrams

    Why do they have to contaminate all real Star Trek Series with this Abrams rubbish? Can’t they keep the NuTrek shit where it belongs – in the trash can?

  • robjoh

    I hope they continune this comic for a looooong time! I actually enjoy it. Plenty of other stuff to put in the trash can,lol! This isn’t one of them. Guess it depends on what kinda comics you like.

  • Milo

    It’s a pitiful attempt to win over classic fans that have not bought into Abram’s shinny “Star Trek” candy wrapper. I don’t care what they call these films or comics, it’s ain’t “Star Trek”.