DS9 Podcast Arriving Soon



For fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a new podcast which will debut early next month should be of interest.

The podcast will be titled “Quark’s Bar,” and will be hosted by Rob Wainfur (The Bearded Trio) and Carl Eggett.

The podcast series is billed as a “fun & fact-filled look back at the legendary DS9 Star Trek series. The first podcast will begin with Emissary. According to the Twitter site for Quark’s Bar (@DS9Pod), “a special guest is in the works for a future episode of Quark’s Bar.

Quark’s Bar will be available on iTunes and Stitcher (http://www.stitcher.com/) beginning September 5.

Source: Press Release

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  • Bob

    Meh. I’m happy with the 1-hour-a-week Mission Log podcast (http://www.missionlogpodcast.com/). They’ve gone through TOS, TAS and the first 6 movies chronologically (one episode a week), and have just started TNG. I think I’ll stick with that.
    I do wish them good luck.

  • geezdude

    …said the guy from missionlogpodcast.

  • mrushing02

    Always glad to see another DS9 podcast! I do The Orb on Trek.fm, but you can never have enough DS9!

  • garak0410

    No RSS?

  • Bob

    Um, what? How do you figure? I just listen to the show, like it, and provided a link to it for the benefit of others.
    It’s not all conspiracies y’know.