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Dorn On Captain Worf Series

Posted by T'Bonz - 08/08/14 at 09:08 am

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In a short video, Michael Dorn spoke about a potential Captain Worf series, explaining what fans can do to help.

Dorn played the role of Worf for eleven years on television; from The Next Generation through Deep Space Nine. He was also seen in five Star Trek films.

“The script I wrote is done,” said Dorn, “and I’m in the process of kind of finalizing it and sending it to people that I trust and care about and who are very smart…and can tell me what they think about it; the structure of the film.”

“But If you look at the new movies and look at our show…it’s a lot of morality, a lot of the human condition, and going out there in space and discovering and what it does to us,” said Dorn, who claimed that modern movies want less talk and more action. “The script I wrote is a good balance. There’s action.”

In Dorn’s script, Klingons are trying to hold on to the old ways, but progress is happening in spite of their desire to remain the same. In addition, Worf is trying to find his place in the universe.

So far, even though Dorn has spoken with CBS, there is no movement on a Worf series. “We’ve made a lot of progress,” said Dorn. “We’ve talked to some people at CBS. Not the execs that make the decisions, but we talked to some execs and we are making some headway.”

But Dorn hasn’t given up and thinks that a Captain Worf series can yet happen. “I’m an eternal optimist about this,” he said. “Because I’ve seen things like this happen before where yes they said ‘no,’ but that doesn’t mean it’s dead. I think if CBS looked at it and heard enough from the fans; they would look at it.”

What should fans do to help? Dorn suggested a letter-writing campaign, where CBS sees a volume of letters and fan interest in a way that email campaigns can’t do. “It really takes a true letter-writing campaign,” he said. “I don’t think it can be a Kickstarter or one of those things. I don’t want to do that. I think it has to be a grassroots movement that is so big that they just can’t ignore. And if they do ignore it, somebody else may go ‘…I’ll do it.’”

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  • Digsthenutrek

    I like Michael Dorn, but I don’t; want to see a Captain Worf series. His character has been played out enough. No return to the old ways, please.. We need fresh writers, characters, and faces for a TV series. We don;t need more of the same old stuff. Not to mention I doubt a star trek series will work in an age where people demand a sequel to Sharknado or watch a reality show about mountain men. I would hate to see one start up and thirteen episodes later get cancelled. So lets wait until sci fi becomes a little more popular on TV, since audiences are enjoying fantasy right now….. I could be completely wrong of course, but that is the trend I see.

  • SisterChristian69

    This has as much chance of happening as Garrett Wang does of winning an Oscar.

  • mythme

    I think it would help if there was more explaination to what the series is actually about. Going by what he said last year at the NJ convention, its not solely a Klingon theme. He said that there is a human colony on a Klingon world which would allow for a “fresh” cast. Worf wouldn’t play a major role; more of a reoccuring character. As Dorn says in the video, he want to direct primarily. He wants Martok in it. He wants a hyrbird ship/land-based show. Federation officers trying to “aid” tradional Klingons in rebuilding after the Dominion War – with good and bad reprecussions – butting heads with Klingon tradionalists who don’t want the help of outsiders. I think the concept has potential. I think it would echo a lot of whats going on in Iraq, Syria and Gaza at the moment.
    Maybe Dorn should talk to Seth McFarlane. I still think Seth could help pull some strings with execs. Unfortunately, Dorn doesn’t tell us exactly WHO to write.

  • Vito1701

    Please, No. Worf is over. TNG time-frame is over. I don’t want a few more years of “We have Honor and they don’t”

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    “We’ve talked to some people at CBS. Not the execs that make the decisions, but we talked to some execs and we are making some headway.”

    In other words, no headway at all. It really HAS to be with the execs that make the decisions or else it’s no more than a dream.

  • Chris Butler

    This is the George Takei/Capt. Sulu series thing all over again!

  • Chris Butler

    Is Michael Dorn broke?

    I love Worf, but I also want to see him in combat, NOT on the bridge all the time as captain.

    DS9 really did the character justice!

  • Milo

    I’d pay money to see this. I’m sick to death of JJ-Trek! Bring back the good stuff!

  • Theragen Derivative

    Michael Dorn has contributed far more to the Trek universe than Garrett Wang ever did. But it’s over, Michael. Let it go. Star Trek will be back on TV some day, but not like this.

  • Josh

    If someone has provided an address, I would write a letter. I’m not certain that this project has all the inspiration and quality to go the distance, but showing interest in it tells the execs that these films are not satiating the desire for Star Trek. I am willing to write in, so I wish I knew who to mail it to! Mr. Dorn should tell us this critical detail! Letter campaigns have been part of trek since the beginning, and I personally took part in the Sulu/Excellsior one, and the “save Enterprise” one. Those didn’t exactly pan out, but it was worth trying.

  • trekfan

    Yes, I also love Worf, but I don’t think that idea [of a Woorf-based series] has any chance. Perhaps as a mini-series, with couple of episodes. As you said, DS9 really did a great thing for the character and I think that’s where we should leave it. Nothing against Worf or Mr. Dorn, on the contrary, I wouldn’t hesitate a second if I had to choose between that and some Abrams-based quasi star trek, but I simply think, as you probably are as well, that there are probably some other ideas out there (non abrams-versed ones, of course) that should be tried out. Anyhow, I wish luck to Mr. Dorn. Q’apla!

  • L.Fury

    As a fan of ALL the TREK’s, yes, including the Abbrams films, I really have to side with the majority here. Michael and his Worf character is a part of TREK and always will be, but going back and rehashing? No thanks. As one other poster said here, we need to move forward with a new Enterprise and new cast/characters.

  • Admiral Bear

    I can’t believe Dorn wants to wear the turtle head again after all these years. He must be broke.

  • blackwidow8000

    I would love to see a Worf themed show. Give me an address to write a letter.

  • garakthetaeight

    It would be hard for Worf to be a Captain. He himself has stated that Worf is a “man of few words.” To be Captain you have to talk, and chat, technobabble, etc. If they would do a Capt. Worf show, I bet you we will always have bullshit scenes with his counselor explaining to him that he has a human crew, not a Klingon crew so he must work on his sensitivities, that sort of conflict-type bullshit, it would get old really fast. He probably passed his “ideas” to Ronald D. moore, aka Mr. Battlestar Galactica, dollars to donuts, whose always talking about wanting to do TNG-type shit all the time.

  • Daniel Ireland

    A fan of ALL Star Trek! Blasphemy! How dare you?!

    Joking aside, I feel exactly the same way. I love everything Star Trek and I agree with moving forward should a new TV series come to reality.

  • Jason Nucker

    I think we can all agree on this: We DO want to see beloved characters on tv again like Worf, or Odo, or Picard, or *insert your fav* but only in one capacity, as a guest star on an episode of a new OFFICIAL Trek series. To see them appear in a low budget thing thrown together or something on Kickstarter, well it’s just not going to do justice to the original character. To be completely honest that crap just isn’t good enough. Worf and other iconic Trek characters deserve better than Kickstarter and amateur projects. Not to insult talented fans doing their best, but….sorry it just hurts the image of the character to be in your project.

    Lord only knows if Trek will ever truly return to TV. If it does we can’t even be sure it will continue the TNG/DS9/VOY timeline. I mean we can hope it does, but some exec could also just want to start all over or continue the Abrams timeline (just kill me if so). But IF it does happen than Dorn and other actors will always have a place and can guest appear on various episodes. That’s the only scenario I’d be happy with.

  • Dswynne

    One word: Kickstarter!

  • Ubermann

    The Dr. and seven of nine from voyager can make a great team but not with Worf as their captain!

  • Cool Dude

    I’m sure Garrett Wang would somehow blame Rick Berman for him not getting an Oscar.

  • Kang the Unbalanced


  • Kang the Unbalanced

    You have something against the bumps, hmm?

  • Dan

    I like this Idea and the Idea that Dorn said there Is a Good Balance of Action when you look at the new movies and Compare it to the new Show Dorn wants to do, that sounds good there is a good Balance of Action, But I don’t like the Idea of Star Fleet people on Klingon Ships and them Changing the Empire from the inside Klingons are Bad Ass Vikings of Space they Kill people and can conquer Planets because they are Bad ASS and Starfleet evolving the Klingons is WRONG What about the Prime Directive that states they can not get involved or influence another Race, poor Klingons are trying the Hardest they can to hang on to the Old Violent ways but Star Fleet and the Federation is Corrupting them BASARDS BETTER DEAD THEN FED.

  • dantrek

    I would love a Worf series of any series set in the prime timeline. I like the new movies ok but there is room to share it with the original timeline. It would be nice to see what has happened to the Federation after the events of Nemesis, the recovery from the Dominion War, the aftermath of the destruction of Romulus.

  • Bobby Andrews

    A TV searies based on the Star Trek New Frontier books would be awesome. Anyone who has read about Captain Macenzie Calhoun would love to see him in action on TV. The characters are all kick ass and the premise is right in line with the traditional star trek feel and theme.

  • somedude

    CBS Headquarters
    51 W. 52nd Street
    New York, NY 10019-6188

    It wasnt hard to find shame on you