Trek Phaser TV Remote



A new Trek-themed item will surely be of interest to Star Trek fans who enjoy watching television.

The Star Trek: The Original Series Phaser Universal Remote Control will be making its debut at the San Diego Comic-Con later this month.

Built by the Wand Company, the phaser remote can store up to thirty-six remote control commands. With the phaser remote, fans can change channels and adjust the volume, plus use one of ten phaser-firing charges to zap those pesky commercials, including a phaser overload charge.

The phaser remote works with televisions, set-top boxes, Blu-ray or DVD players, iPod docks, and any other home entertainment items that use an infrared remote control.

The Star Trek: The Original Series Phaser Universal Remote Control comes in a foam-lined case, with a metal stand on which one can display the phaser remote.

The phaser remote will be unveiled at the Comic-Con on July 23 at ThinkGeek‘s booth (#3849), and will go on sale this November. Pricing for the phaser remote, which will be sold by ThinkGeek, is $149.99.

Source: CNETvia ThinkGeek

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  • KlingonMami

    I just nergasmed.

  • Theragen Derivative

    I turn my TV off with a .38 S&W.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Hm. And all this time I’d been using a real phaser. Well, it would cut down on the scorch marks…

  • trekfan

    Set phasers on fun. Cool stuff for fans.