Cubify Star Trek 3DMe Mini Figurines



A new product offered by Cubify gives fans the chance to make mini-figurines of themselves as either Spock or Uhura.

The customizable figurines are two inches high.

Using an online app, fans upload their pictures, or use a webcam to submit pictures. Cubify then uses 3D printing technology to create the figurine.

The process of printing the figurine and mailing it to the customer takes around seven to ten days.

The Star Trek 3DMe Mini figurines sell for $24.99, and can be ordered here.


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  • Milo

    It would be cooler if it wasn’t just Spock or Uhura.

  • TBonzie

    Perhaps they’ll expand the line. I have the ones that are larger and come from either TOS or TNG and they’re awesome. Have one of myself and got one for my husband.