Shatner To Host Stampede Parade



Canadian-born William Shatner has been named the 2014 Calgary Stampede Parade Grand Marshal.

The Calgary Stampede was first held in 1912, and the ten-day annual event takes place every July in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Shatner, born in Montreal, will be Grand Marshal of the parade; and Calgary speed skaters Gilmore Junio and Denny Morrison will be honorary Marshals.

“Shatner’s Hollywood credentials are just part of the reason we thought he would be a great choice as our 2014 Parade Marshal,” said Bob Thompson, president and chairman of the board, Calgary Stampede. “He has an unparalleled passion for horses which we thought would be a great fit for us. I can’t wait to kick off the Calgary Stampede with him in the year of the horse.”

“I am looking forward to leading the Calgary Stampede Parade,” said Shatner. “I’ve been to Calgary before, but I have never been to the Calgary Stampede; leading the Parade will be quite a way to experience my first time.”

This year’s Calgary Stampede will be held July 4-13.

Thanks to Mark N for the tip!

Source: CTV News Calgary




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  • dantrek

    Poor town. Shatner was marshall in a parade in the next town over from me years ago and he was a complete jerk. I liked him as Kirk but as a person he is just a total A-hole.

  • Matt Howlett

    Why can’t Shatner just retire quietly? Seeing him act a fool in Price Line ads and being a parade marshall is just kind of sad. Has he been bad with money or is he just desperate to stay noticed?