New Star Trek Continues Episode Debuts



The third episode of Star Trek Continues has been released.

Fairest of Them All is a story set in the Mirror Universe.

In Fairest of Them All, Spock (Todd Haberkorn) “faces a choice that determines the future of the Terran Empire.”

The episode is set directly after the events of the original series Mirror, Mirror episode and shows what happens in the Mirror Universe after the return of Mirror Kirk and crew back to their own ship.

The episode, seen below, is around forty minutes in length.

Source: Star Trek Continues

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  • Blue Thunder

    Amazing episode, credit to them all – Vic is a fantastic Kirk 🙂

  • Daniel Ireland


  • Captain Sidney

    These guys hit the nail squarely on the head again! All three of their full length episodes are fantastic! I was able to catch the last one at Sci-Fi Expo in Dallas and got to meet Mr. Mignogna and what a delight! This man is exactly the kind of Trek fan that I want to be when I grow up! Star Trek Continues Indeed!!! This revival looks, sounds and FEEEELSS like the real thing! (at least as well as fan films can!) Compelling stories, fine acting and Chris Doohan!! Watching him recreate his dad’s role is a delight!

  • bydefault

    There can be only one answer – we have an imposter aboard.

  • Blue Blunder

    Busted! Where is the blue boy?

  • Geological Technician Fisher

    It WAS you, sir!

  • bydefault

    [Cue dramatic musical interlude]

  • The Total Dude

    Vic as Kirk is excellent….however it would be awesome IF their were original characters and stories instead of retreads.

  • Theragen Derivative

    Astonishing production values. I would swear Jerry Finnerman had sprung back to life to photograph this, so faithful is it to the look of the show. Mignogna is just excellent as (Mirror) Kirk; the man is channeling Shatner. All of the actors do very creditable jobs.

    I can’t really swallow the storyline, though. Mirror Spock’s motivations here veer too far away from logic into the realm of altruism, and the crew is much too receptive to his message. (This is a brutal universe and these are NOT nice people.) Their Spock was just as logic-driven as ours, he simply channeled it toward the rationalization of more sinister actions. What our Kirk awakened in him was the realization that peace could be a tool toward the furtherance of his civilization, not necessarily a desirable end in itself. He would use this tool as dispassionately, and as selectively, as he had used terror — in other words, only to the extent that he believed it would further his larger objective of preserving the Empire. Peace was a change of strategy for this Spock, not a change of heart — he is a man who would continue to be perfectly willing to kill so long as he believed it was the logical thing to do.

    But this was still a lot of fun to watch.

  • Cosmo

    They have the resources ($) to make something like this, but little of the imagination necessary. Too many ST fanfilms = overkill = yawns.

  • wtriker1701

    The good thing for you? You have the free choice to NOT watch any of them. Or the ones you find worthy.
    I for one check many of those films out and find many of them highly entertaining. Free choice it is, my friend!
    And this episode qualified for high entertainment in my opinion.

  • Blue Thunder

    As the day dawns another evil streak hits. Just as poop slides down the toilet Vic forces his evil trek on us again. Yet like the poop the day the dawn dawns isn’t a dawn but a day of evil yet dawn and not evil like the poop. Yet Vic carries on his trek of doom and poop and evil evil poop and nastiness we all realise who he truly is.
    He is a human poop of doom, who is evil and vicious and ruins all trek for us, let us all watch this and understand what it really is. Not real, but fake poop trek like the poop but a poop of poop.
    Watch it at you own peril.

  • Black Thunder

    Blue Thunder – you lie! It is not poop but poo!

  • Red Thunder

    Thunder thunder, this it not poop!

  • The REAL Vic M.

    Ok dudes, funny.

  • James C

    Vic – suck my balls!

  • The REAL Vic M

    No jimbo – suck MY balls!

  • Blue Thunder

    I just wish someone would actually like to suck my balls.

  • Barbara Luna

    Bring em here sunshine – MWAH! X

  • Chris Doohan

    I likea de balls, balls!

  • Chris Doohan

    I lika de balls!

  • Chris Doohan

    I errrr LIKEA DE BALLS!

  • Chris Doohan

    Chris Doohan, he likea de balls…..

    DE BALLS!!!!!

  • REAL Mr Doohan

    Someone isn’t very funny, I’m not into ‘de balls’.