Hallmark Adds Fourth Trek Ornament For 2014



In addition to the usual three Star Trek-themed Christmas ornaments offered by Hallmark, a fourth figure will also make its appearance in July.

The three previously-announced ornaments include The Devil in the Dark, Lieutenant Sulu and the USS Vengeance from Star Trek into Darkness.

The fourth ornament is Vina, the green Orion girl from the original series episodes The Cage and The Menagerie Part I and Part II.

The Vina ornament will sell for $14.95. The Devil in the Dark will sell for $29.95; Lieutenant Sulu for $14.95, and the USS Vengeance for $32.95.

Source: The Trek Collectivevia Hallmark

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  • Frontier

    Getting a bit weary of the TOS love fest Hallmark has been having the past few years. There are 4 other series…

  • George Costanza

    I’m also getting weary of all the Star trek ’09 and Into Darkness crap. Last year was the first year I didn’t buy any Trek ornaments.

  • robjoh

    It’s getting bored with a lot of this stuff,even though I do collect that series they do,which Sulu is part of. At least this year they’re doing Rocketeer,which I love,and Jaws,Alien,Jessica Rabbit,DeLorean in hover mode,Simpsons,Planet of the Apes,Godzilla,Goonies,60’s Batman and a few others,so they still have something I want,lol! And being a Spidey fan I always get him too. And one of the Comic Con exclusives is a Wampa,which looks like fun! lol


  • Won’t Vina kind of blend into the tree?

  • AdmNaismith

    Good to see Vina and Sulu get some Ornament love.

  • Cosmo

    Rocketeer! Such a terrific movie! One of the last films I took my Dad to see, and as he was a WWII aircraft mechanic, occasional pilot, and a disabled veteran, he loved every minute of it. Too bad today’s genre films so rarely reach that level of class, excellence, and fun.

  • robjoh

    Oh I agree wholeheartedly! LOVE that movie,and even the comic. Only two movies I REALLY loved in the 90’s. Rocketeer in 91 and Galaxy Quest in 99. Today’s genre films will never reach those levels. They’re just like popcorn,probably why they’re called such,lol! Don’t get me wrong,I like a LOT of today’s movies,but they’re just not on the level of my two fave 90’s movies,s’all.

    Rocketeer orny is on top of my list this year,and one day I hope they do a NSEA Protector orny,lol! I’m also buying the Rocketeer action figure,even if the helmet DOES look a little big. One of the Comic Con exclusives this year is the figure in black and white,lol.


  • Bubba

    I’ve been collecting the ship ornaments since the very first. This may be the first time I don’t buy one. That movie was just… terrible.

  • Cosmo

    There are a couple of reasons she wouldn’t blend into the tree. oops, lol! 😉

  • robjoh


  • Cosmo

    Just stating the obvious. I know, my bad. *snif*