Elementary Dear Data Bobble Heads



San Diego Comic-Con is rapidly approaching and that means new Star Trek merchandise will be appearing.

A set of two bobble heads will feature two Star Trek: The Next Generation characters.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation Sherlock Holmes Data and La Forge Bobble Heads will debut at Comic-Con, courtesy of BifBangPow!

Based on the Elementary, Dear Data, episode, the resin bobble heads are seven inches tall. Each figure includes a “Baker Street-themed backdrop and accessories,” and the base mimics the grid of a holodeck, since the story took place in a holodeck.

The limited-edition set (1,500) will sell for $30.00, and will be available at booth #2343 at Comic-Con.

Source: StarTrek.com

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  • Lamont Cranston

    Since when did David Hyde Pierce play Data?

  • bydefault

    He actually played another one of Dr. Soong’s failed prototypes in a rare cut-scene flashback which took place on the holodeck. In this scene, Geordi (as Holmes) uncovers the secret of this android and his fatal flaw – he could never master when to shut up at parties and was thus named “Bore”.