Borg Chiller Cubes



A new product from ThinkGeek will help Trek fans keep their drinks cool.

The Star Trek Borg Cube Whiskey Chillers will let a drink be chilled without watering it down.

The Borg Cube Whiskey Chillers include six steel Borg cubes, which are stored in the freezer until needed.

Each of the 1″ Borg Cubes has one face etched with the Borg insignia, and the set, which includes a Star Trek carrying pouch, comes in a Borg Cube Box.

The set of six cubes sells for $24.99 and can be ordered here.


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  • AdmNaismith

    Why are these not little Borg Cubes? I know the greebling csn be a bit much for a food-related item, but c’mon. Maybe just etch on the greebling.

  • Daniel Ireland

    Yea… it seems like they missed the opportunity here to make the cubes look like actual Borg cubes.