Behind The Scenes of Star Trek Continues



Obsessed: Star Trek, a new webseries produced by Condé Nast Entertainment, follows Vic Mignogna and Star Trek Continues, his fan-produced Star Trek webseries.

Star Trek Continues “pick[s] up where the original show left off” after three seasons. Two episodes have already been produced.

In Obsessed: Star Trek, “Whether it’s re-creating detailed Star Trek sets to create a fan-produced web series or piecing together D.I.Y. laser from recycled gadgets, some people’s passions become more than just a hobby. Obsessed highlights what happens when people live out their obsessions to the fullest.”

People profiled in this first episode of Obsessed: Star Trek include Chris Doohan, James Kerwin, Mignogna, Chuck Huber (McCoy), Grant Imahara (Sulu), Wardrobe Supervisor Ginger Holley, Ralph M. Miller, Erica McCord, and Mignogna’s mother Barbara.

Source: Wired

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    Pull up a seat, folks; you know what’s coming. Wait for it. Waaaaaait for it.

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    Banhammer at the ready.

  • trekfan

    Why are you not reporting on the new episode? The new Star Trek Continues episode “Fairest of Them All” has been released online two days ago. It is a sequel to the TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror”.

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    Probably because I hadn’t heard. I’ll have a look tomorrow (too late today for me to do real work) and write up something.

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    Just watched it…and I’ve come to the logical conclusion that one man can, indeed, summon the future.

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    OK. Thanks for the reply.