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Attack Wing Trek Miniatures

Posted by T'Bonz - 02/06/14 at 06:06 am

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Two new waves of Attack Wing miniature ships for the Attack Wing Miniatures Game from Wizkids have been announced.

Waves Ten and Eleven include six new ships.

Wave Ten includes a Vidiian starship, a squadron of Cardassian Hideki class, and the Mirror Universe Klingon Regent’s flagship.

The ships for Wave Eleven include a Romulan drone ship, a Hirogen warship, and a squadron of Federation fighters.

Wave Ten will debut in December, with Wave Eleven to follow in January 2015.

In the meanwhile, previously-announced Wave Four will debut in June with a Vulcan D’kyr class ship, Bajoran Interceptor 5, and an extra-large Borg Tactical Cube 138.

Source: The Trek Collective

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