Trek-themed Guitar Picks



A set of a dozen Trek-themed guitar picks should be of interest to Star Trek fans who also play the guitar.

The delta-shaped guitar picks from ThinkGeek sport Star Trek insignia.

The Star Trek Starfleet Guitar Pick Set includes twelve Delta shield picks. There are four with the Command insignia, four with the Science insignia, and four with the Engineering insignia.

The fully-licensed collectible picks are medium gauge, and measure 1.5″ by 1″ by 0.028″. They are suitable for acoustic and electric guitars.

The Star Trek Starfleet Guitar Pick Set is available at ThinkGeek for $9.99.

Source: ThinkGeek

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  • Bass Guitar Hero

    Seriously? Star Trek guitar picks? That goes beyond geeky…

  • Daniel Ireland

    So you can rock out with your Spock out

  • TBonzie

    So they said on the site, LOL. I was tempted to quote that in the article.

  • Daniel Ireland

    Hah! I didn’t actually go to the site but I’m not surprised. Reminds me of this gem: