Starship Exeter Completes Second Episode



The final act of Starship Exeter‘s second episode, The Tressaurian Intersection, has debuted online.

Filming on The Tressaurian Intersection began ten years ago, and fans have had to wait until now for the final act of the episode.

The USS Exeter (NCC-1706) is a “sister-ship” to James T. Kirk’s USS Enterprise. The former crew of the USS Exeter was wiped out in the original series episode The Omega Glory.

In The Tressaurian Intersection, “Captain Garrovick (Jimm Johnson billed as James Culhane) and crew [are] in a three-way struggle against the Tressaurians with whom Garrovick has a troubled past and the Tholians, who combine a xenophobic streak with expansionist ambitions. In addition, there are hints of personal cross-currents and tensions in the command structure.”

Others appearing in The Tressaurian Intersection include Holly Guess, Michael Buford, Joshua Caleb (Joshua Johnson), Elizabeth Wheat, Garry Peters, Joe Azzato, Steve Lawson, Cody Hammock, and Curtis Staller.

The Tressaurian Intersection features a teleplay by Dennis Russell Bailey, and story by Jimm Johnson, Josh Johnson, and Maurice Molyneaux. Jimm Johnson was Executive Producer,  while Josh Johnson and Joel Sarchet served as producers. Scott Cummins directed and edited the production; Maurice Molyneaux was Post-Production Producer; David Weiberg was Post-Production Supervisor, and music was provided by Ben Jasmine Music, and Hetoryn Music (the latter for Act 4/finale only).

The final act begins at the 39:15 minute mark of the episode, which has a total runtime of 51:46 minutes. Note: When viewing the video below, it starts at the Act Four point. Reset the video to the beginning to watch the episode in its entirety.

Source: Starship Exetervia

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  • Blue Thunder

    Unfortunately, some of his posts(regardless of the topic being covered or whatever BB they are on)have come off as rude, crude, arrogant, close-minded, and disrespectful over the years. Some of which have ticked off and offended a few people in the process. Yours truly being one of those few.

    Another unfortunate side effect of cyberspace. It becomes impersonal and old-fashioned values just don’t seem to apply.

    Welcome to the 21st Century and the shambolic state of humanity.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    He means “Star Trek Continues”. There is some ill will towards it because a) it goes directly head-to-head with New Voyages/Phase II, and b) some of the prime movers behind STC (Farragut Films) had a very long, painful, enormous conflict with the NV/P2 production staff, which damaged NV/P2 considerably, apparently to the benefit of Farragut Films. That’s as impartially as I can put it.
    On the positive side, the people involved in the whole hoo-hah are not the totality nor even a majority of the people who are busting their arses for both productions. I’m not fond for instance of a person or two in charge at STC, but I can see that a lot of care and effort went into making their first episode and it does show.
    The best advice I can give is to watch them both, and indeed as many fan productions as you can. Some of these productions think the fan viewership is a zero-sum game– that there are only so many viewers, and more viewers for X means less for Y. The best way to put the nail in that is to show them that there are indeed enough viewers to go around, even moreso.

  • darrinbell

    I’ve never really understood that notion that viewership is a zero sum game, although I know it exists. It’s possible to love both Star Wars and Star Trek, for instance. I never got the rivalry, and I don’t get it here either. I’ll try both, as you suggested, and if they’re good I’ll keep watching.

  • GS

    There are valid reasons to go after Dennis Bailey, even though none of them have to do with his competence as a writer or FX guy. His online persona is abrasive, to say the least, and on TrekBBS he has some sort of arrangement that allows him to be rude and douchey while the mods punish anyone who calls him out on it as the bad-actor.

    You simply would not see this sort of controversy unless it had a point of origin, and that’s Dennis’ online behavior. Don’t follow TrekBBSs example and censor those who speak up about it.

  • Blue Thunder

    Amen to that! 110%! I couldn’t have phrased that summary description better, myself.

    And I would like to add in something here. No doubt, this and possibly GS’s statement will be erased(by the mods who obviously don’t like hearing the other side of the story, no less).

    Nevertheless, I’m going to post it anyway.

    And if anyone doesn’t like it, I’ll quote Richard Jones from the original ‘RoboCop'(MGM, 1987), “If you can’t stand the heat, then you need to stay out of the kitchen.”

    There is an old saying that says the following. “Treat people the way that you would want to be treated.” When you treat a person with politeness and respect, they will return the courtesy. When they do the exact opposite for some reason, or no reason, then they will receive such a negative return. When they say something that will be abrasive and offensive concerning controversial issues, then all bets are off. Feuding and fighting erupts.

    And Dennis Bailey has committed the aforementioned negative qualities to those who have been polite and courteous. And he wonders why some people have gone after him on such issues that are hot-topics or not. And he claims that he is being stalked.

    Hate to say this, but it is not stalking as he has claimed. It is ‘calling him on the carpet’ for his lack of good manners and respect for those who differ with him, however strong a level that may be.

    Even though I will give him credit for his writing skills(Tin Woodman being an interesting sci-fi adventure), as well as his work in SFX(even though they are not on the same level as Douglas Trumbull’s work), his online persona is anything but pleasant.

    Five years past, a friend and fellow Star Trek fan(who works on Phase II)who had clashed with Dennis over a minor issue summed it up best about Dennis and his rudeness.

    “Whenever someone presents a counterargument to his, Dennis Bailey is a huge lefty who sticks his fingers in his ears and loudly chants “LA! LA! LA! LA! I CAN’T HEAR YOU! God, what a baby!”

    I totally concur with that descriptive view, 110%.

    If Dennis were not such a rude, disrespectful, and(as GS accurately described him)a ‘douchey’ type in his online behavior, as well as what Theragen Derivative accurately and factually described DB’s ‘colorful personality’. he wouldn’t get called out on it, let alone get called on the carpet as much. Especially when he made some vicious remarks about a group of Star Trek fans some years past, concerning their religious beliefs and their former website.

    As my late father once said, “No matter how old a person can get, they can still have the immaturity of a sixteen year old.”

    GS is also quite correct in his description of the arrangement that allows Dennis to be rude and douchey while the mods punish anyone who calls him out on it as the bad actor(using terms like going Romulan or Klingon on their rear ends with such footwear if they don’t stop speaking up about it).

    I’m amazed that this controversial point of origin hasn’t been punished by the mods and censored. Let alone censured. Especially, for example, when that said controversial point of origin has insulted fans of old school Battlestar Galactica fans for having mentioned their dislike of Ron Moore’s remake.

    As Montgomery Scott once told Pavel Chekov “Everybody is entitled to an opinion.” You don’t have to like the other person or persons opinions, but you can at least respect them.

    Frankly, the mods of the TrekBBS are worse than Dennis, by giving him such a mouthpiece. While we may not know the back-story about how such a situation evolved, it is very damaging to Star Trek fandom to have a person of such bad manners and other disrespectful qualities to be given such a free reign as that.

    Loosely translated, wearing such a negative, and I might also add cowardly,badge of honor and allowing him to treat others in an uncivilized manner who disagree with his opinions and views is turning the Trek BBS and the Trektoday forums into nothing more than a festering and fetid sewer/pigmire. The type of place where pernicious vermin(who have no comprehension of common courtesy and the English language)would reside in.

    And the public wonders why Star Trek fandom has received such a negative backlash over the years for such behavior. The latter of which that has brought Star Trek fandom to near toxic levels. Let alone why there have been incidents(direct or indirect)that have led to feuds over which is better science fiction(i.e. the famous Star Trek vs. Space:1999 dispute, the Star Trek vs. Star Wars dispute, or even the Star Trek vs. Babylon 5 dispute – just to name a couple). Or worse the, the mentality of ‘you either route for Star Trek or you are no fan of science fiction’.

    Maybe it’s time that the Trek BBS and Trektoday got new mods. Mods that will go ‘Federation’ on rude and douchey types rear ends, punish them, and not censure and censor those who speak up and protest about such vile and toxic disrespect.

    Most of all, clean up both sites of such(to coin a Star Wars phrase)’retched hives of scum and villainy’.

  • Blue Thunder

    I’ll have you know that Gary Lockwood is a very cool person. The laughing smiley face was totally unnecessary.

  • Nick J Cook

    You might want to check the thread again. 🙂

  • Tossaway

    Worth the wait. I hope the sets are seeing use somewhere. It would be a terrible waste if they were destroyed.

  • Joe

    Dennis Bailey is a fag.