Star Trek Seekers Cover Art Debuts



Fans of the James Blish Star Trek books from the late 1960s and early 1970s will enjoy the new art for the Star Trek Seekers series of books.

The covers feature art created by a Star Trek fan, Rob Caswell, whose covers were the inspiration for the new series.

Star Trek Seekers #1: Second Nature, written by David Mack, will debut July 22. In this book, set in the late twenty-third century, “the Federation sends two starships, the scout Sagittarius and the cruiser Endeavour, to plumb the secrets of the vast region known as the Taurus Reach.

“Drawn by mysterious energy readings to a lush green world, the crew of the Sagittarius finds the Tomol: a species whose members all commit ritual suicide just as they reach the cusp of adulthood.” But to stop this cycle of destruction, the Sagittarius must save themselves first.

Star Trek Seekers #2: Point of Divergence was written by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore. Fans will find it in bookstores on August 26. In this second book in the Seekers series; one of the Tomol has broken with his people’s tradition of suicide upon maturity, “triggering a transformation into a new, powerful life-form. Answer­ing the distress call of the U.S.S. Sagittarius—crashed and disabled on the planet following a fierce battle with Klingons—Captain Atish Khatami and the crew of the Starship Endeavour must now attempt a rescue mission … even as they are locked in battle with the evolving, increasingly malevolent Tomol who, if allowed to escape their homeworld, pose an imminent threat to the entire galaxy!”

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  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Interesting. The ship on the cover of volume 1 is Masao Okazaki’s Paris class light cruiser; see more at If you haven’t seen the Starfleet Museum, I can highly recommend it. The designs are interesting and the histories are well thought out and entertaining. Especially if you’d like a *cough* more realistic take on Romulan War-era vessels and technology.

  • Mike Poteet

    Love these covers! They inspired me to pick up Seekers #1 as soon as it hit my Barnes and Noble’s shelves!