Vulcan Ale Expands East



For Canadians from Ontario waiting for Vulcan Ale to arrive in their area, good news comes from the Harvest Moon Brewing Company.

Vulcan Ale is now available in Ontario courtesy of The Federation of Beer.

The handcrafted Irish Red Ale first arrived last spring, but was only available in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

The Vulcan Ale to be sold in Ontario comes in cans. It is expected that bottled Vulcan Ale will soon follow.

For more information, head to the link located here.


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  • Daniel Ireland

    Well, I’ll be trying it then 🙂

  • What ever happened to “My father’s race was spared the dubious benefits of alcohol”? (Said by Spock in the TOS episode “The Conscience of the King.”) Of all the “Vulcan” products that could be made, ale has to be pretty low on any realistic list.

  • Daniel Ireland

    Yea, I don’t get it either. I guess they might have figured Vulcan was more recognizable than Romulan to the general public?

  • Brent Triebe-Gravel

    Have a few cans. Very good of you like an amber. Actually not so easy to find a good one so win win btw hey Dan. Fancy seeing you here.

  • Daniel Ireland

    Hey Brent! Yea, I really like this beer too. Wasn’t expecting m,uch but it’s actually pretty delicious. I hope the Klingon Warnog comes to Ontario too so I can try that,