Trek Pancakes


Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday (also known as Pancake Tuesday) and the crew of the USS Enterprise was temporarily immortalized on the tasty breakfast treat.

Christians often observe Shrove Tuesday by eating pancakes, which is a way to use up ingredients that would not be used during the forty day fasting season of Lent, which begins the day after Shrove Tuesday.

The Star Trek pancakes were created by Nathan Shields, who posted them on Saipancakes, a site which features the creativity of various pancake artists.

Other creations on the site include George Washington, butterflies, Bart Simpson, reindeer, Martin Luther King and dinosaurs.

Source: Trendhunter




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  • Daniel Ireland

    Is this a dish best served cold?

  • Whenever I think I’ve gotten a little TOO into Star Trek, an article comes along that reminds that there are people who are a lot further out than I am. 🙂