Takei In Dark Vengeance



George Takei has a role in Steven Seagal‘s Dark Vengeance film.

In Dark Vengeance, “Seattle’s darkest criminals force Elijah Kane and his hard knuckled team to work around the clock to track down a meticulous ‘Black Magic’-practicing killer in the vagrant strip club underworld.”

Takei takes on the role of a forensic scientist in the film, “who uses his expertise to help capture a serial killer.”

“From everything he has done for the Asian community, to his work as an actor, [Takei] has done a lot,” said Seagal, “so it was wonderful to see George work and watch how he embodied the darkly humorous Tanaka character.”

Dark Vengeance is currently available at Redbox.

Source: Dark Vengeance Facebook Page

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  • Dandru

    Steven Seagal? No, thanks. There has never been a worse actor, and his movies usually suck ass. Plus, the man’s a complete a-hole.

  • Tony Clements

    I think he had a good run back in the 80s, but why does he keep pumping out made for dvd movies and basic cable television shows ad nauseum when he should stick to the RL work he does with the police in Louisans and Arizona. (Can you imagine a crackhead telling people Seagel arrested him? They would think he’s crazy.)