Star Trek Into Darkness Deleted Scenes



The difficult-to-obtain Star Trek into Darkness deleted scenes are described in detail by Trekcore.

When Star Trek into Darkness made it onto DVD, fans were annoyed to find out that they would have to make multiple purchases to get all of the extras.

The deleted scenes were only available via the Xbox SmartGlass second-screen app, from a digital copy of the movie purchased through the Xbox Video Store.

The scenes include the Kirk/Pike meeting in Pike’s office where Pike announces that Kirk is losing command of the Enterprise, a scene where Carol Marcus’ British accent is explained, Uhura’s conversation with the Klingons, Klingon/Enterprise Away Team fight, a scene between Thomas Harewood (father of the sick girl) and Admiral Marcus, a falsified Captain’s log from Kirk, Kirk watching Pike get shot, Scotty talking to Hangar Control on Jupiter, and Rima Harewood and her daughter meeting Kirk at the end of the film.

The explanation of the scenes can be found here and here.

Source: Trekcore

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  • Shikarnov

    They could have done a better job designing the first TOS-era Constitution class ship ever shown on the big screen. They should have hired Vektor from TBBS’s Fan Art forum.

  • Theragen Derivative

    They couldn’t make it look too good or it would have made the JJprise herself look that much uglier by comparison. Of course, the real question is just what in the heck the “Biddeford” is supposed to be considering that the classic Constitution design doesn’t fit into this universe at all, but little details like that never stopped these clowns….

  • Chris Butler

    I didn’t buy all the friggin different DVD.

    Just how did they explain Carol Marcus’ accent?