Pine Fined



Chris Pine appeared in a New Zealand court today to face charges of drunk driving.

The actor was fined, and had his New Zealand driving license revoked for six months by the Ashburton District Court.

According to Pine, he had imbibed four vodka drinks that evening. His blood alcohol level was 0.11%, which is over New Zealand’s permissible level of 0.08%.

Pine’s lawyer, Marilyn Gilchrist, told the judge that “Pine acknowledged he had made the wrong decision to drive that night. She said her client had suffered emotionally and professionally and that the negative publicity had put his acting contracts in jeopardy,” and that he was “entirely remorseful.”

Gilchrist had attempted to have the charges discharged without conviction, because a conviction would “hurt [Pine’s] career and would be out of proportion to the offense.”

Judge Joanna Maze told Gilchrist that she would treat Pine the same way that she would any offender. So Pine was fined NZ$400 ($344 US, £206, €246) and has his New Zealand driver’s license revoked.

But the judge said that she had taken Pine’s good record, and excessive media coverage of the incident into account when making her judgment.

After his hearing, Pine signed autographs for some fans before being driven away.

Source: The Evening Timesvia SAMAA




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  • Daniel Ireland

    Well, that’s a cute little slap on the wrist. Hopefully he learned his lesson.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    One can hope. Time will tell.

  • Jayson

    Hopefully he will get his ship together.

  • trekfan

    Life imitates art. (though I wouldn’t exactly call Abrams’ miscreation art)

  • Renegade

    This new captain will need to lead by example. Lesson learned and he will need a refit to continue on his voyage.Best wishes to Chris.