Anovos Captain Picard Jacket



For fans of the suede jacket worn by Captain Picard in Darmok, Unification, and The Inner Light, there is good news with Anovos’ announcement that a replica of this jacket will debut this summer.

The Captain Picard Jacket will only be available in a limited-run of one hundred pieces.

PicardJacketLg031814Patterned directly from a screen-used jacket, the Captain Picard Jacket is made of synthetic fiber, with microsuede shoulders, and a satin interior lining for comport. The jacket also has a zipper.

Sizing runs from small to XXL, and the jackets, now available for pre-order, will sell in tiers. The first tier of twenty-five jackets ($225) is already sold out. The second tier of thirty-five jackets sell for $250 each. The last tier of forty jackets will sell for $300.00.

The Captain Picard Jackets will begin shipping in June. For more information, head to the link located here.

Click on the thumbnail of the jacket to enlarge the photo.

Source: Anovos

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  • Guest

    A zipper? A ZIPPER?!?!?

    Any true nerd knows that (etc.)

  • Daniel Ireland

    Yea, that and it looks nothing like the one in the show… $250 is expensive for a poor replica

  • Frontier

    Any time they make Trek or geek clothes with the largest size up to 2X only, I sigh, roll my eyes, and send vibes of mental hate. I am 7 foot tall. A 2X anything on me doesn’t even reach my waist! People come in all shapes and sizes, long and wide. Sci-fi fans tend to do so more often than most! Yet we’re lucky to get a 3X most times (which still wouldn’t work for me up here!) and it just continually pisses me off!

  • Admiral Bear

    It’s a poor reproduction. Aside from the red being wrong the shade, the texture of the material being wrong, and the black shoulders not being dark enough, there’s something else all ecompassingly nasty about it that I can’t quite put my finger on.

  • Curtis Kopeschny

    Why can’t they design this sort of stuff to actually look like that which we see on the shows? I’m always surprised how poorly most of the uniforms and such look. The colour will be wrong. The badges will be the wrong size or look fake. The material will be some cheap nylon that you’d find on a discount Halloween rack. WTF? Even a casual Trek fan could tell you that this jacket looks nothing like the one Picard wore. It’s a frickin sweater with a zipper you’d buy at Walmart! Why can’t I get a ‘real’ uniform that could pass on set? Why does this stuff always look like the nerdy costumes non-trekkers think we wear to bed? And they charge a ridiculous price all the time. I just don’t get it.

  • Guest

    But the real one cost $3,000 or something at the time, and the dollar was worth more then. So you’re not going to get an accurate replica for this money.

  • bydefault

    Nice try, Quark.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    You can; there are good reproduction houses out there, and if you can get ahold of them, a number of very good (though expensive) fan costumers. But these are absolute ass. $225 to $300 (or $350) is what I’d expect to pay to have one custom made.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I frequently need 3X just to fit my shoulders. There are custom costumers out there, though a well-fitting long and tall will probably run you upwards of four hundred.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I could look it up first, but my own knowledge of the industry suffices to call bullshit on this. The total cost from design to finished product would have been under a grand, or the show would not have bothered with it. Your argument is also specious because unless it is using materials that no longer exist, reproducing a design is always less expensive than designing and making a prototype. The last I checked, cows were still producing leather for suede and tailors still knew how to quilt.
    Nice try, but I have to agree that this looks like a spiffed-up WalMart zip sweater.

  • Frontier

    Being big and/or tall and finding normal every day clothes is already enough of a chore. And an expense!