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Anovos Admiral Kirk Uniform

Posted by T'Bonz - 26/02/14 at 12:02 pm

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Anovos Productions LLC has announced another in their Monster Maroon series of Star Trek uniforms, The Admiral Kirk Monster Maroon Uniform.

This release follows the one last month, where a Captain Spock Monster Maroon uniform was unveiled.

“‘Laugh at the superior intellect’ in the most accurate high-end replica ever released,” said Anovos, which adds that “neither A Tale of Two Cities nor reading glasses were included,” referring to the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan movie in which the military-style uniforms were first seen.

The initial run of the Admiral Kirk Uniform will be limited to only two hundred pieces. Made of custom-milled and dyed cavalry twill, (the original uniform was made of wool elastique), the uniform is lined and has a Command ivory undershirt.

The “double-breasted jacket with iconic offset lapel featur[es] Flag Officer’s gold soutache trim along with hand sewn chain segments and snaps featured on the placket closure. [The] artificial leather belt [features a] metal Starfleet buckle. [The] Flag Officer’s Command Department striped pant [has a] bell-shaped, bloused cuff. [The] undershirt features accurate hand-stuffed trapunto quilted neck and cuff quilting. Recreated Officer’s Chest Insignia, Admiral rank pins, and lapel chain [used screen-used uniform] examples as physical reference.”

As with the Spock uniform announced earlier, the Admiral Kirk Uniform will be released in tiers, with earlier purchasers receiving a better price. The first eighty uniform packages can be pre-ordered at $1,150.00; the fourth and final tier will sell for $1,400.00. Sizes run from small to 2XL.

Uniforms are expected to begin shipping in July. To pre-order, head to the link located here.

Source: Anovosvia

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  • 137th Gebirg

    Up to 2XL only?? Do they not know who their target market is? Hell, I would need, at minimum, a 2XLT. And a 3X would be more comfortable.

  • Nathan Kaiser

    Im happy i’ll only need XL or maybe 1 size up

  • Theragen Derivative

    For 1400 bucks, Bill Shatner better show up at my house to deliver the outfit himself.