Two New Bennett Books Announced



For fans of Christopher L. Bennett‘s Star Trek books, good news, as the author has announced that two more books will be forthcoming.

The books will continue the Rise of the Federation series.

“I’ve been signed for two more Enterprise — Rise of the Federation novels to follow this April’s second installment in the series, Tower of Babel,” said Bennett. “Book 3, tentatively titled Uncertain Logic, will be out in early 2015, and Book 4 will probably arrive in early 2016 (there’s a 10-month gap between the due dates for the two manuscripts, so the interval between publication dates may be about the same). The two books will each stand on their own but have a common story arc connecting them, with the latter story arising from the consequences of the former. (That’s why I got contracted for the two books together. I thought I’d have to talk my editor into that, but she was just, ‘Sure, I’ll start the paperwork.’) And both books will continue to flesh out ideas from Enterprise, reveal the origins of elements from The Original Series and beyond, and feature original worldbuilding and exploration as well.”

Source: Christopher Bennett's Blog

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  • You forgot to add that Christopher is one of TrekBBS’s most prolific posters!

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Bennett, Bennett… any relation to Harve, by any chance?

  • TBonzie

    And a nice guy.

  • Blue Thunder

    None whatsoever.

  • Papillon

    I don’t know about the nice guy part. Once, I asked him a little bit about Ex Machina(a book that I enjoyed). He seemed to come off as very stand-offish and a bit rude.

    Granted some people have bad daysand are not themselves, but that’s not a way to win fans.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Thank you. Just curious. Trekdom sometimes swirls in mysterious eddies.

  • Blue Thunder

    My pleasure, Kang. Quapla!