Star Trek Into Darkness Oscars Nomination



The Oscars nominations list is up and Star Trek into Darkness has one nomination.

This year’s Academy Awards will air live on ABC March 2, at 7 p.m.

The Oscars nomination is in the Visual Effects category, with the team named consisting of: Roger Guyett, Patrick Tubach, Ben Grossman, and Burt Dalton.

Star Trek into Darkness is up against:

  • Gravity (Tim Webber, Chris Lawrence, Dave Shirk, Neil Corbould)
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Joe Letteri, Eric Saindon, David Clayton, Eric Reynolds)
  • Iron Man 3 (Christopher Townsend, Guy Williams, Erik Nash, Dan Sudick)
  • The Lone Ranger (Tim Alexander, Gary Brozenich, Edson Williams, John Frazier)

Source: The Oscars

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  • Oscar? Wooopty doo!

    I hear it was also nominated for stankiest piece of donkey poop.

  • Trekkie2

    LOL. The only competition it has is “The Hobbit.” There’s nothing special about the other three and no clue why they were even nominated other than they had to fill the bill. While STID’s FX were good, I don’t think they can beat the impressive dragon walking around. “The Hobbit” wins.

  • Starscream2112

    Gravity will win. Nothing else comes close.

  • Daniel Ireland

    Yea, hard for any of the films here to compete with The Hobbit. I read it took a week to digitally render a single scale on the dragon :O

  • Blue Thunder

    I believe that StarTrek Continues would qualify for that award.

  • trekfan

    They must have switched the nominations for the Raspberry Award.

  • lew

    one Oscar nod and it should have 20 razzie nominations.