New Star Trek Wallets



Bioworld has just introduced a new collection of Star Trek wallets.

The wallets will be sold worldwide, and thus far are available in the UK, Germany, and France.

Bioworld Star Trek TOS Starfleet uniform wallet red

Based on the original series colors, the bi-fold wallets come in Command yellow, Engineering red, or Science blue. Each wallet features a Starfleet emblem on the outside.

Inside the Engineering red wallet, in addition to the usual wallet sections, there is text printed, which says “He’s dead, Jim.”

The red and yellow wallets are currently selling at Amazon UK for £16.00.

Source: The Trek Collective

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  • Mr Spork

    Somebody is gonna die with that red wallet in his pocket ad the paramedics will take out his wallet for ID and read that…

  • Frontier

    I’m wondering how long before we get Star Trek underpants. More importantly, will they be in sizes suitable to accommodate trekkies? 😛

  • Luna

    Uh….They have Star Trek underpants. Maybe not at the time you posted your comment, but I know they have at least for several months, since I’ve owned some for that long. And the available sizes do accommodate this particular Trekkie. They make them in ladies style and also boxers. 😀