New Attack Wing Game Ships



More ships for Wizkids Attack Wing game will be coming out this year.

The ships come out in “waves” and five different sets will be released monthly beginning in June.

The Star Trek: Attack Wing game is a “tactical space combat HeroClix miniatures game, featuring collectible pre-painted ships from the Star Trek Universe.”

The ships included in the waves are as follows:

Wave Five:

  • Bajoran Interceptor
  • Vulcan D’kry Class
  • Borg Tactical Cube

Wave Six:

  • Soong Borg
  • USS Enterprise (TOS refit)
  • Dominion Battlecruiser

Wave Seven:

  • Borg Scout Cube
  • Enterprise NX-01
  • Ni’Var Vulcan ship

Wave Eight:

  • Borg Queen Vessel Prime
  • USS Enterprise-E
  • Val Jean

Wave Nine:

  • Mirror Universe Defiant
  • Chang’s Bird of Prey
  • Scimitar

The ships in each wave will be sold individually, costing around $11.99 per ship.

Source: Wizkidsvia The Trek Collective




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  • Guest

    I see the Borg scout ship design from the trading card game continues to be perpetuated, and now appears in a 3D form. Cool.

  • milojthatch

    Still a little pricey, but I may be more likely to pick these up than those other collectors ships.

  • 137th Gebirg

    Was the Borg Scout Ship not based on Hugh’s downed vessel in “I, Borg”?×23/iborg015.jpg