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Sarah Marshall, best-known to original series fans for her role in The Deadly Years, died Saturday, January 18 after a long battle with cancer.

Marshall portrayed Dr. Janet Wallace in The Deadly Years.

Born in 1933, Marshall was the daughter of two British actors, Herbert Marshall and Edna Best. She began her career in the 1950s, and her feature film debut was in The Long Hot Summer (1958).

Marshall’s television career included guest appearances on shows such as My Favorite Martian, The Donna Reed Show, F Troop, Ironside, Get Smart, I Spy, The Fugitive, Remington Steele and Star Trek.

Married twice, Marshall’s second husband, Karl Held, was also known to Trek fans for his role as Lindstrom in The Return of the Archons.

Marshall is survived by Held, son Timothy, daughter-in-law Trixie Flynn, and several grandchildren.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  • Blue Thunder

    A remarkable actress who will be sadly missed. My condolences to Mr. Karl Held and the rest of the family for their loss.

    *Karl Held also guest starred as Jerry Travis in the second season Space:1999 episode ‘The Immunity Syndrome’.

    An interesting Star Trek connection.

  • Theragen Derivative

    “What are you offering me, Janet? Love…. or a going-away present?”