Trek Hot Wheels Cars



Next year, Trek collectors can look for Hot Wheels Star Trek-themed cars.

Six different Trek cars will be offered, and will be part of Hot Wheels Pop Culture range of vehicles.

The Hot Wheels Star Trek cars will be based on designs based on the Star Trek Gold Key Comics.

The cars feature Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, and Uhura.

Hot Wheels will also be releasing a new model Starship next year, a smaller version of the Hot Wheels HW Imagination USS Enterprise NCC-1701 that was released this year.

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Hot Wheels KirkHot Wheels SpockHot Wheels  McCoy





Hot Wheels  Scotty 2Hot Wheels  UhuraHot Wheels Sulu






Source: The Trek Collective

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  • daedalus5

    These just look rubbish. You’d think at least they’d have done a “Gillians pick up tuck” or “gansters car” from A piece of the Action. Or teh VQ van from Voyager… Hotwheels were supposed to bring out the Defiant and Voyager die cast models a few years back, but cancelled. 🙁

  • Frontier

    Eagle Moss is doing a great line of Trek ships. 😉 Check that out. Also, Hot Wheels just did 4 ships in the 1:50 scale. 3 are nuTrek but the 4th is classic Excelsior.

  • nevilleross

    Pardon my asking, but what’s the VQ van?