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Takei Twits Shatner On Conan Show

Posted by T'Bonz - 12/12/13 at 01:12 pm

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Another Star Trek actor appeared on last night’s Conan show; George Takei.

Takei spoke about the new Star Trek reboot, explaining what if any roles were appropriate for the original series actors. He then gave Conan a demonstration of the exercise routine he does daily to keep in shape.

In explaining that the original series actors for the most part are a bit past it to be appearing in an action movie, Takei took a swipe at William Shatner. “We were no longer relevant to the new audience,” he explained. “Can you imagine Bill Shatner running down those corridors like Chris Pine did? That’s not a pretty sight!”

“You’re never afraid to go after old Bill Shatner,” said Conan, laughing.

Conan wanted to know why the seventy-six-year old Takei was still in such good shape and Takei explained that he did daily sit-ups and push-ups. When asked, he proceeded to give an on-air demonstration of his push-up technique.

Source: Press Release

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  • choomster

    Still cannot believe this guy is schlong slurper. Jeez

  • Anti Prejudice Guy

    How remarkably ignorant of you.

  • choomster

    That he is a schlong slurper? Hmm

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Why, is he coming across as too human for you?

  • OuttaHere

    How are there not moderators banning people for this sort of thing? What kind of place is this?

  • Blue Thunder

    The kind of place that the Trek BBS had become a long time past due to mismanagement. A shitpit and a fetid and festering sewer/pigmire run by pernicious vermin who have no comprehension of the English language whatsoever.

  • choomster

    As being a schlong slurper? He is human, no doubt about that.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Well then. That leaves only you in question.
    I’m mildly curious, did you spend thirty-odd years despising Sulu all along with your little gaydar tingling? Or did you just decide he was a fair target for childish epithets after he came out?
    I’ve met George Takei. He is a wonderful person, he reminds me of my grandfather (Kang the -2nd) in the delight he takes in telling stories. Before you embarrass yourself further I will tell you no, he didn’t grab for my ‘etlh HoS. As a matter of fact, before he came out he was very,very good at hiding it; neither I nor any of my gay friends caught on, though I freely admit it may have been colored by my absolutely not giving a damn about his sexuality. What can I say; I was raised on Star Trek, where such things were just not a factor in determining someone’s worth.
    I suggest you might want to indulge in your chooming a bit more often, at least until loosen up enough to realize how childish your hangups are.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    T’Bonz generally prefers to let the children sort it out amongst themselves unless they really get out of hand. This ptaQ doesn’t have it in him to raise a real fight. Though if you wish, feel free to flag it and she’ll make the call.

  • choomster

    I have met him too. And he is a nice guy. Just cannot believe he is a schlong slurper that’s all. And I certainly dont need a keyboard “dr. phil” giving out advice. Funny thing with you people, free speech is okay, but ONLY if it agrees with everyone else’s. Deal with it.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I don’t see anyone here contesting your indisputable, inalienable right to say whatever stupid thing comes into your mind, least of all me. I simply exercise my own right to point out that your words mark you as a narrow-minded and juvenile bigot. I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that you don’t have the ability to respect someone once you find out they’re gay. If you were capable of such, I doubt you’d be saying that he’s a nice guy and then flipping a childish epithet at him.
    If you’d come in and posted something equally insightful such as “I can’t believe he’s a Nip”, you’d have gotten the same reaction. If you hadn’t chosen to lead off with an insult, your reception might just have been different.
    I realize that my words will brand me as a “you people”, whatever you seem to think that is; it means nothing to me. Feel free to say whatever you want. Then, man up and deal with the response. Part of growing up is handling the consequences of what you say and do.

  • choomster

    Well, I dont judge my comments are being accountable to people who think they are right and everyone else is wrong. The very fact I could care less what you think of me is beyond the point, because I dont care what someone who most likely thinks “he” is more “enlightened” then anyone else. And “man up?” LOL to what? That he is gay and is a “schlong slurper?” That simple fact that is true annoys or bothers you? Political Correctness may be your GOD, it certainly is not mine.

  • bydefault

    To coin a phrase, “Resistance is futile…”

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    So you judge George, but you don’t want to be judged yourself? I’d almost swear there was something Biblical in that.

  • choomster

    Not judging, just stating he is a schlong slurper. Why is that so hard for you?

  • choomster

    Really? that he is GAY and slurps schlongs is Biblical? Hmm…how weird.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    You’re insulting him, you made a judgement.
    Oh, here comes the inevitable “but I’m just stating a fact” bullshit. Alright; you’re an idiot. Just stating a fact. Or do you peoole prefer

  • choomster

    I made a comment. And evidently, you must be a schlong slurper yourself. Is that what you “people” call yourselves these days?

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Golly gee. I tremble before your astonishing powers of deduction.
    You called him a rather weak and childish name. You can’t even own up to it. Go back to your pot smoking until some enlightenment creeps in.

  • choomster

    Golly gee? LOL ok…….evidently, you being a whore of the PC crowd, you must be a troll that prowls the internet where you can be “offended.” Really, aren’t you tired of this “feigned” outrage? Meanwhile, children die in Syria……..

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    You are so right, I just used my incalculable psychic powers to coerce your chooming little self into coming onto this site and calling gay people names, which is so clearly out of character for you. The good news is, thanks to modern psychiatric medication it’s pretty much impossible for me to feign emotions, which Mrs. Kang is quite grateful for. She also says thanks, she hasn’t laughed so hard since the last time we watched The Exorcist.
    As for the children in Syria, yes it’s very sad, but if it’s so important to you then I suggest pulling your bleeding heart out of your pot-smoking arse and noticing the children right where you are, that you could actually help, yourself, just by getting off said arse and using actions instead of words. Run along, I hear they’r baking hash brownies for the volunteers.

  • choomster

    Wow, what a monologue!!! You must be REALLY bored behind that Keyboard…meanwhile, there hungry pygmies in the in the outback……