Star Trek: Enterprise S4 Blu-Ray



The release date for the Blu-ray release of the final season of Star Trek: Enterprise has been announced.

In addition to the release date, some of the extras for the set have also been announced.

Season Four of Star Trek: Enterprise on Blu-ray will hit store shelves on April 1, 2014.

All twenty-two episodes of that final season will be included, as well as extras including: new commentaries, deleted scenes, outtakes and featurettes.

Before Her Time: Decommissioning Enterprise, a four-part documentary featuring cast and crew interviews is one of the extras, as well as Writing Star Trek Enterprise, a ninety-minute writing staff reunion (as reported in TrekToday yesterday).

Star Trek: Enterprise Season Four on Blu-ray will cost $130 US or $150 in Canada. The set can be pre-ordered via Amazon here, for $90.99.


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  • jabohn

    Why is Travis near the front and Trip at the back? Whoever designed that doesn’t know the show…

  • Daniel Ireland

    He butted in line during the photoshoot

  • Theragen Derivative

    I gave up on ENT after season 2. It was a lukewarm Voyager clone, a waste of a good premise (also like Voyager), and an especially tragic waste of Scott Bakula, who was easily the most talented actor to headline a Trek series since Patrick Stewart.

    Later on I regretted it, as I heard the series got more interesting in the third season and really became something special in the fourth. I did catch “In a Mirror Darkly”, which wowed me as the most fun and imaginative thing I’d seen from Trek since DS9 went off the air. One of these days I’ll go back and watch those last two seasons.

  • td

    shame travis and hoshi got so little to do in s4 compared to earlier seasons.
    and ‘these are the ….’ was worth it just for that final flyby at the end.

  • milojthatch

    Watch it on NetFlix!

  • milojthatch

    I love this show. I’m sad that it was cut down right as it was getting good. I don’t know if it will happen, but I’d love if it came back on NetFlix!

  • Curtis Kopeschny

    Seasons 3 and 4 rocked! WAY better than Voyager ever was. ENT had continuity!

  • Chris Butler

    Released on April Fools Day?

  • Daniel Ireland

    Personally, I liked Enterprise. While I do agree that Scott Bakula is a good actor, I thought Avery Brooks did a great job in DS9. I’d put Sisko ahead of Archer in that sense.

  • Smithian

    Hokey trailer for a good season of a show that deserved another year based on the massive improvements started in season 3. Some of the FX are aging badly, but nothing is as perfectly preserved as Jolene Blalock’s ridiculous lips!