Star Trek Enterprise Flight Jacket



Star Trek: Enterprise fans can now pre-order the Star Trek Enterprise Archer Flight Jacket.

Created by ANOVOS Productions, the jacket was inspired by the Enterprise jumpsuit designed by Robert Blackman.

The jacket is made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton, and is lined with 100% polyester, and includes four large front pockets and a hidden pocket with a zipper inside of the jacket.

The Star Trek Enterprise Archer Flight Jacket is blue/purple, and is matched to the costumes used in the first two seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise. The jacket also features command division gold piping, and patches created using artwork from Mike Okuda, with assistance by Doug Drexler.

The Star Trek Enterprise Archer Flight Jacket is currently being offered for $215.00 in pre-order, and the regular price will be around $240. They can be pre-ordered at the referring site.

Source: ANOVOS Productions

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  • Frontier

    I’ve yet to find a single item at ANVOS that isn’t so extraordinarily over-priced. For that kind of money, I’d want the jacket personally delivered by a cast member of the show. Even then, I still wouldn’t pay such…

  • Jason Nucker

    I wish I could see and hold the jacket in person to know if it warrants the price. I mean a really nice jack for $240 really isn’t all that bad. However if it’s identical in quality to a $50 jacket and they are selling it for $240……:(

  • ldude

    It’s polyester. How nice can it be?

  • Bill

    Ordered from Anovos in December 2013 & received in August 2013 as
    part of their NovoStater campaign. Expected ship date was April / May
    2014, but there were problems so I waited. Nice jacket, very happy,
    designed with a left hand zipper pull standard – this via e-maill from
    Anovos after I received it & tag says Made in Taiwan. Jacket was well thought out except pockets are somewhat small. Interior
    lined rescue color is mentioned, but you can’t reverse the jacket &
    zip it up, no big deal, but would’ve been nice. Zipper itself is
    smaller than expected. This is not worth the $215 – 295 price tag

  • Bill

    Yes Frontier, this jacket does seem over priced now that I have it, attention to detail is good on this. Agree that items are costly & overpriced, I like to get a Capt Spock Monster Maroon or First Contact / DS9 Uniform but….$$$$. See my other post at Trek Today on the Archer Flight Jacket.