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New Star Trek: Renegades Teaser

Posted by T'Bonz - 26/12/13 at 05:12 pm

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The second teaser for Star Trek: Renegades has been released.

Directed by Tim Russ, Star Trek: Renegades is the continuing story of Star Trek, set ten years after the return of the USS Voyager.

Several Star Trek actors are appearing in Star Trek: Renegades, including: Russ, Walter Koenig, Robert Picardo, Gary Graham, Manu Intiraymi, and Richard Herd.

Star Trek: Renegades is in post-production with a planned summer/fall 2014 release date.

Source: Press Release

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  • Blue Thunder

    With Vic Mignogna being involved(playing a Cardassian no less), this is going to be a dud. The only reason why Walter Koenig, Tim Russ, and some other Voyager veterans are involved is because they can’t seem to get hired on in the industry for other acting work.
    It still amazes me that fellow Louisvillian Sean Young(of Blade Runner)is also involved. Looks like she got her wish, being a Star Trek fan.

    The only good things I’ve noticed about this soon to be misfire from Sky Conway are John Corrigan, Richard Herd, Corin Nemec, and Herbert Jefferson, Jr. The rest seems like a cheap high school play production.

    Obviously Farragut Films had a hand in Conway’s production budget.

  • Optimistic Doodle

    STR is awesome! IMHO ;-)

    Enjoy the teaser and please do share share share with your friends. C’mon, it’s X-mas time …
    STR deserves more attention, respect and support. Optimism, Captain!

  • mythme

    I think the camerawork looks pretty good and its in hi-def. compared to all the other fan-made films this one LOOKS the best so far. The only thing that concerns me, and I reserve my judgment until it is actually finished, is that its doesn’t FEEL like Trek. I was stories, character development, social and ethical commentary, thought-provoking plotlines. The industry is over-saturated with action and darkness. Trek needs to stand apart.

  • Optimistic Doodle

    Hang on, things may start in darkness but STR will make a spark that may surprise you. (trailer coming in February, the rumor is)

    Much depends, of course, on this pilot becoming a series — an opportunity to prove themselves, and yes, bring back the adventure!

    Remember STR is a vehicle to bring back Star Trek where it belongs: television (or web); or at least keep Star Trek alive & kicking. And It does so continuing the ‘original’ timeline, not throwing away the rich ST history. Boldly going FORWARD. Understanding this does explain why fans worldwide take action (sometimes action is okay ;-) by supporting a project that may never become a series, but makes a difference nonetheless. Ultimately there is no danger in supporting this project, or is there … HA HA HA!

    Whenever you’re ready, take the journey.

  • Dandru

    There is exactly ZERO percent chance of this ever becoming a TV series. It will never happen. It’s fanfic, nothing more, and there’s no chance of Paramount ever taking it seriously. Let’s not be delusional–whether or not people “support” this is irrelevant. It will never be more than a cheesy fan-made project, and the actors look desperate for agreeing to be in it.

  • somedude

    is chekhov really bald or is that a skull cap???

  • Davey1983

    They don’t need Paramount to take it seriously– they need CBS to take it seriously.

  • Optimistic Doodle

    Paramount won’t, but CBS maybe ;-)

    But, seriously now… You’re 99,9% right. (Supporters are not delusional.) But you’re kinda missing the point being made.

  • Smithian

    Looks pretty glossy but it’s lacking one thing the legitimate series could all afford: wide shots.

  • Daniel Ireland

    That’s the Star Trek spirit!

  • Blue Thunder

    Walter Koenig is really bald . I was surprised when that was revealed. I never knew that he wore a ‘rug’ on his head the entire time.

  • Chris Butler

    He’s really bald….been wearing a toupee since the original series.

    My big question is HOW could Chekhov still be alive in this time period?

  • Blue Thunder

    I’ve been wondering that myself. Especially since Walter Koenig said good-bye to the character of Pavel Chekov in D.C. Fontana’s well-written Star Trek – New Voyages/Phase II episode ‘To Serve All My Days’. He has definately changed since the death of his son, and NOT for the better.

  • Chris Butler

    He came out bald for the first time on Shatner’s talk show. Personally, I think he did it as a non-verbal dare to Shatner to do the same.

  • Frankie Speaking

    You know what he meant–and he’s right. CBS won’t take this seriously either–this is just a cheesy-looking fan film.

  • Jennie DiLonza

    Wow! That was… complete crap. What IS it with Trek actors showing up in these amateurish-looking fanfic projects?

  • Felix Leiter’s Missing Leg

    Yeah, but it looks awful. The only reason to share it is to say “WTF is this???” to your friends.

  • Yawn.

    I’m immediately turned off from this when I hear references to Kahn and Section 31. Two of the most obvious fan fictiony subjects they could’ve dealt with.

  • Just a Guest

    Did you guys forget that Admiral Leonard McCoy was onboard the Enterprise D in the first episode of Next Generation? McCoy was quite a bit older than Chekov so if he is still alive in that era then what is the problem with Chekov living that long. Then too Bakula’s Archer apparently lived for over 100 years as he was still an Admiral when James Kirk and Montgomery Scott were at the Academy, in the reboot films anyway, how else could Scotty have performed a transporter experiment with Admiral Archer’s prize Beagle. It’s all just a function of the advanced setting and the advanced technology that goes with it.

  • Just a Guest

    Also CBS has publicly stated that they have no interest in a new Trek TV series. Until that changes, which probably won’t happen until Les Moonves is no longer in charge at CBS, so while I applaud these actors for their devotion to Trek they really are just wasting their time.

  • mythme

    I can buy that humans can live to be about 125ish by the late 24th century. But Pavel will be precisely 143 years old by 2388. Thats kinda pushing the limit of credibility. At least Bones was retired and moving pretty slow in “Farpoint”. Chekov is still in active duty and fiesty in “Renegades”. They better drop a line that he was held in some sort of stasis or caught in a time loop or something for 30 years.

  • Just a Guest

    Ah but remember that McCoy was several decades older than Chekov, and the Farpoint mission was 15 years before Voyager made it home, so 25 years ago for Renegades. Also Bones wasn’t retired in the Farpoint episode, he was still addressed as Admiral, he was in uniform, and he was onboard for professional reasons (inspecting the new sickbay). Chekov may be 143 years old in 2388 but why is that “pushing the limits of credibility”? There are people in the 20th century who have lived for 110 years, in the real world, the world record is a person who died at 122 years of age, this is again real world information. By the 24th century I would expect human life expectancy to be upwards of 175 years on average.

  • Blue Thunder

    With the exception of Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase II(which is of excellent quality and integrity on both the production and professional levels), the reason why some Star Trek actors turn up in other fanfic projects is mostly because they cannot obtain employment in other industry related projects.

    A form of descrimination(if one could call it that)that the Vulcans would find hiighly illogical.

  • jrj1701

    The present problem with Star Trek is that the folks that own the rights are more concerned with the bottom line, yet Star Trek beat the odds because of the fans, it came back, now we need to follow Gene Roddenberry’s example, He thought outside of the box yet made a couple of mistakes, these mistakes were allowing Paramount and CBS to continue to own the rights. Why don’t we as fans get together and buy the rights to Star Trek, take it out of the hands of those who insist on remaining negative and not giving it a chance. I know this suggestion is going to be met with a whole lot of folks saying that it can’t be done, and that is not what I learned from Star Trek, if we want there to be new series then we must go at it with the attitude that failure is not an option, just like the heroes of the Star Trek Universe.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I want acting. And a premise that isn’t limited to “bang bang fanservice biff pow socko more fanservice”. And please. Stop using music from Inception and Requiem for a Dream in trailers. The world will thank you. I will thank you. Then I can release your prize hostages beagles.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    So let it be a web series. There are several successful ones, and they all help to keep the old spirit alive. (Vic Mignona notwithstanding.)

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Biff bang pow fanservice pewpewpew fanservice socko.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Pssst. Sean Young hasn’t been able to get a respectable gig in forever because she’s a flippin’ loon. Even by my standards.

  • Just a Guest

    Dude I admire the spirit but the Star Trek franchise is valued at 4 billion dollars by Paramount. I dunno about you but thats a bit out of my price range. Also even if a group of fans somehow managed to put together that kind of funds there is no rule or law that says that either CBS or Paramount has to sell. They could just legally just look at you laugh and have you thrown out of the building. Its just a plain flat out unrealistic idea with no possibility of success.

  • Blue Thunder

    Believe me, I know she is insane. One of my disk jockey friends in Louisville tried to interview her during the Kentucky Derby, and she acted in a very demented manner.

    I often wondered what she had smoked to make her so unbalanced.

  • Blue Thunder

    Vic Mignogna is just killing Star Trek with his toxic and demented bullshit, period.

  • Theragen Derivative

    This appearance of 700-year-old Admiral Chekov makes me miss the early years of TNG, during which we didn’t know what had ultimately happened to the original crew but it was assumed that they were all long dead. Of course we knew McCoy was still alive, and his “Encounter at Farpoint” appearance was especially poignant in that it strongly suggested (to me, at least) that he was the LAST of the old crew left (and possibly the unlikeliest last survivor). Even Spock’s survival wasn’t a given, and the episode “Sarek” did nothing to clear the question up. The mystery of the original crew’s fates enhanced their status as legends.

    Since then, various episodes, books, and fan productions have brought EVERYBODY back. Kirk traveled through time to the 24th Century (and the Shatnerverse novels resurrected the character). Spock is still hanging around (and to hell with the Abramsverse). Scotty was unfrozen and is presumably still out there. Sulu, Chekov, and Uhura are all centenarian admirals (in Starfleet, apparently everybody gets promoted to the admiralty if they hang around long enough). It’s long since passed the point of ridiculous.

  • dantrek

    I cant wait to see the final product and hope it turns out great. I have been hoping for another show in the prime universe. I wander how old Chekov is supposed to be and how old humans live in this future.? hmmm

  • JoCat

    If CBS has zero interest in producing a new Star Trek series then why do they deliberately maintain all the rights to the Star Trek TV series? I think CBS has no business doing that. It is just mean of them. If they don’t want to do anything with Star Trek then they need to let another network buy the franchise and do something.

  • jrj1701

    Just a Guest, I knew that somebody would look at the problem and say it can’t be done. They said that heavier than air flight was mathematically impossible, yet I see big jumbo jets flying everyday. It would be hard to do, yet not impossible. There are no problems, just unrealized solutions. It is better to try and fail than to never even attempt it and still fail.

  • Robert Glover

    I think it’s looking quite good given the budget they have to work with! It looks a helluva lot better than Of Gods and Men. I had to turn that off 10-15 minutes into it because the acting and direction was so awful. The only one that was any good was Alan Ruck.

  • Pinky N. DaBrain

    That statement demonstrates no understanding of how the TV industry works. None whatsoever.

  • Pinky N. DaBrain

    You’re not actually entertaining the idea of CBS picking this up as a series, are you? It’s just fanfic.

  • milojthatch

    Tim Russ can’t get work, huh? BS. Just take a look at his IMdB resume:

  • milojthatch

    You know what, in this JJ-Trek world we live in now, who cares? Renegades may be crap or it may be awesome, but I think what is and is not “official” died when JJ Abrams entered the picture. The only think Paramount and CBS have that fan film makers don’t is the copyright (which really is just about money anyway) and money for good SFX, that’s about it.

  • Dandru

    Wow. What a naive and absurd suggestion. You clearly do NOT work in the entertainment industry. What you’re proposing is beyond unfeasible.

  • Dandru

    Lay off the drugs, dude. Seriously.

  • jrj1701

    Dandru it is easy to throw insults and discredit an idea because you ain’t got the courage to even try, great things are not achieved by listening to those unfortunates that preach discouragement, great things are achieved by willingness to boldly go where no one has gone before. What was the first television series to go straight into syndication with out being aired first on a major network? Star Trek the Next Generation. When Gene Roddenberry decided to do this it was unheard of. Yet he did it against the advice of those that knew the business and he succeeded in bring us a great, inspirational television show that IMO is the greatest in history. I am not on drugs, I am willing to be part of an effort that will get Star Trek back on the screen with new fresh relevant shows, not sit on the side lines and tell folks that they can’t. CAN’T NEVER DID ANYTHING!!!

  • jrj1701

    I would rather be naive and absurd, than to be a coward.

  • jrj1702

    Who here is a coward? That was an entirely nonsensical statement. No one here has done anything cowardly. Were you struck in the head recently?

  • Lino

    Courage has NOTHING to do with it. And all of your grandstanding is irrelevant to this discussion. I work in the TV industry, and can tell you with 100 percent certainty that what you’re proposing is impossible. There will never be a case of fans getting together and buying Star Trek. The very idea is absurd if you know anything at all about Hollywood.

  • jrj1701

    Courage has everything to do with it. When I made my original statement I knew and stated that I would get folks who would say that it can’t be done. We live in an age where the impossible is achieved despite those who insist on telling folks that they can’t do it, it is impossible. You have knowledge of the industry, Kelvin had knowledge of science, yet he was wrong about airplanes. If the mind can conceive it then man can achieve it. IDIC

  • jrj1701

    I make a general statement with no specific implications in reply to somebody saying my idea is naive and absurd, I then get a troll who goes one # off of my handle (cute BTW) that wants to say I am making nonsensical statements. If I got your attention enough to make a negative comment, I wonder if anybody else is paying attention that has a positive attitude.

  • James N

    I appreciate what Tim Russ and others are doing to reprise the Star Trek franchise, but I’m not optimistic with what I’ve just seen in this preview. I am all for a new cast and crew, but the beauty of Star Treks’ pasts is that the writers depicted each crew with an overall optimism and a sense of hope in what humanity can foreseeably achieve in the future, rather than a mirror of the kind of negativity and evil that we see in news media every day (of which we watch Star Trek to escape from!!). Star Trek at its best delves into universal social and ethical commentaries while delivering a storyline that expands and pushes the mind’s eye. It is just fictional and it should offer a positive form of escapism. A side note – being based 10 years after Voyager returned, I would love to see how 7 of 9 adjusted to her humanity after that time, whether Harry and Tom are still boys, and what kind of authority Janeway and Sisko had ascended to in the last 10 years. Just cameos would be fine but they would definitely add to the credibility of the Star Trek universe!

  • dantrek

    If they do a good enough job and it gains popularity I would hope it would be picked up for syndication. I doubt it will because networks hate sci-fi. If its not reality crap, some dopey friends comedy set in New York, or recycled shows, (i.e CSI, CSI new York, CSI Miami, or CSI bumfuck Egypt, then they don’t want it.