Star Trek 3 Director Rumor



A name has emerged for director of the next Star Trek movie.

The potential director has already turned down the sequel once, back in May.

Paramount and Skydance are hoping to sign Joe Cornish for Star Trek 3.

Cornish made his directing debut on Attack the Block, the story of a group of British young people living in a bad neighborhood who banded together to ward off an alien attack.

That was followed by writing stints on The Adventures of Tin Tin, and Ant-Man. Cornish is currently working with Paramount on the novel adaptation of Snow Crash.

Production on Star Trek 3 is expected to begin next summer.

Source: Varietyvia Deadline

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  • Rad

    They could have had Leonard Nimoy direct it.

  • daedalus5

    The Adam and Joe show used to reference TNG loads (see him in the attached video). The 4 minute skit of “the best of both worlds” with plush toys is brilliant (also on youtube)

  • Corylea

    That would be nice, but I think he’s too retired for directing these days.

  • Daniel Ireland

    I like how there are differing degrees of being retired where Mr. Nimoy is concerned

  • Steve Bull

    Joe of ‘Adam & Joe’??? Blimey…

  • Trekkie2

    Great as long as he’s not wowed by tits and ass covering up an inability to act.