Star Trek #27 Preview



Star Trek #27 releases today and fans can see a preview before heading out to buy the comic.

In this latest issue of the ongoing series, war is brewing.

In Star Trek #27, the Enterprise “faces betrayal from within as the crew tries to prevent the Klingon-Romulan War from spreading to Federation space! The blockbuster Star Trek Into Darkness was just the beginning of these new adventures of Kirk and Spock, overseen by the film’s writer producer Roberto Orci!”

Written by Mike Johnson, with art by Erfan Fajar and cover by Fajar and Garrie Gastonny, Star Trek #27 is thirty-two pages long, and will sell for $3.99.

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  • Trekkie2

    Please, someone tell me where the surprise is with Sulu’s little sister being Section 31?

  • Takealittletrek

    What happened to the final frontier?

  • Anthony Cruz

    What about it? It’s still there.

  • Daniel Ireland

    Nothing. You don’t like the new stuff, you’ve got your classics still. It’s all good.

  • milojthatch

    Abrams killed it.

  • Blue Thunder

    More like Vic Mignogna and Farragut Films is killing Star Trek with STC. Abrams brought life back into Star Trek after it had run its course during Rick Berman’s misguided reign.

  • Trekkie2

    I’ll admit he did a great job with ST 2009, but he listened to the wrong people with STID. Was Abrams that busy washing dishes that he let quite a few things slip through that shouldn’t have found purchase in this film? Or did fan boys talk up the silliness of tits and ass (actress that can’t act), a kitty cat sex scene, a stupid yell, too many insulations from the original movie. Cumberbatch turned out to be Khan…Noonien Singh. Ok. He did not come across well as Khan. The original had no limitations on his arrogance, this one was arrogant here and there, but it was not constant. In fact, he came across as a cry baby. Was Khan a cry baby?
    Abrams is unfamiliar with Star Trek, and he left out fan favorites and opted for characters that did not bring fans back to the theaters. Star power isn’t required in these movies if you have character power couple with an actor that can act. For that matter, I’m happy that Alice Eve was Carol Marcus.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    He brought life back into Trek, and then choked it right back out again.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Who cares? “It’s all about the villain!”