Paramount: We Did Well



Although operating profits for Paramount was down for the fiscal year which ended in September, there were bright spots when it came to the financial report.

One of those bright spots came courtesy of the summer movies, including Star Trek into Darkness.

“This was an unusually crowded tentpole summer,” said CEO Philippe Dauman. Star Trek into Darkness and World War Z, “did quite well” all things considered.

Paramount was pleased because they were “unique in not having a tentpole that failed during the summer.”

“We feel we are going to have a solid year at Paramount,” said Dauman, referring to the new fiscal year that began in October. “We are in development on a number of sequels, includes Mission Impossible, Star Trek, G.I. Joe, as well as World War Z.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  • nevilleross

    So, I guess that all of the naysayers can really stuff it!

  • milojthatch

    You did well huh? Is that why you’ve been laying off so many people Paramount?

  • alfredodedarc

    I just read an article that they want to start slashing budgets for future movies, especially Star Trek.

  • Frontier

    Good. Hollywood needs to focus more on story and less on budget. Some great movies have been done with no money because they had to make up for such with a good story.

  • Theragen Derivative

    Uh huh. They’re really, really happy about spending $200 million on a sequel that ended up pulling in fewer people than the first one did, and only made up for that with foreign grosses that are still very tepid for a major franchise film. In an age in which Disney is getting into the habit of writing down that amount every year on one flop or another, “we suck less” isn’t exactly an impressive announcement from Paramount.

    Watch for Abramstrek to go into a budgetary death spiral.

  • jerr

    TWOK for example

  • BotanyCameos

    Oh, what was that? You hoped the movie would bomb and it didn’t, and now you’re all bitter? Awww…

  • Theragen Derivative

    No, Bob, I just hoped it would be a good movie the way Trek ’09 was, was disappointed that it turned out to be a piece of shit instead, and am satisfied that poor writing was rewarded with box-office mediocrity.

    You do understand that your next Trek script won’t be shot on half the budget this one got, right?

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Chocolate rations are up!

  • nevilleross

    I don’t eat chocolate due to a medical condition, sir.