New Takei Cologne



George Takei‘s new cologne will be released next month.

The cologne is billed as a “clean, refreshing fragrance for men or women.”

The cologne is called Eau My, and will sell for $39.99 when it releases on December 30. Eau My comes in a 1.7 ounce bottle.

Eau My is “subtle and charming, with top notes of mandarin zest, Italian bergamot and fresh ozone transitioning to night-blooming jasmine, white freesia petals and grated ginger. Sensual woods, crystallized amber, soft skin musk, and vetiver will delight you when dry.”

Pre-orders for Eau My are being taken now at Amazon.

Source: George Takei's Facebook Page

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  • bob

    Ummm…yeah. ‘cuz when I think cologne, I think old man smell.

  • Guest

    Mmm, ozone.


  • cardinal biggles

    I can’t wait for T’Bonz to review this.

  • TBonzie

    I may be a tomboy, but I don’t wear cologne.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Indeed. I find women respond best to my natural, masculine aroma. *Snfff* Ahh.

    Though a shower now and then is always good.

  • Garaktheta6

    is it going to smell like cum?

  • Blue Thunder

    You don’t come off as a tomboy. A treacherous Romulan, YES! Tomboy, no.