Enterprise-D Pizza Cutter



For Star Trek: The Next Generation fans who also like pizza, the Star Trek USS Enterprise-D Pizza Cutter should be of interest.

This is the second Star Trek pizza cutter; a while back one was released based on the classic USS Enterprise.

The Enterprise-D pizza cutter’s body is made of a zinc-alloy, chromium-plated body with a stainless steel blade, and is seven inches long, four-and-a-quarter inches wide with a four inch blade diameter.

The pizza cutter is meant to be handwashed only and is not dishwasher safe.

To order, head to the link located here.

Source: Startrek.com

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  • Good grief.

    Blaaaah! Lame. We already got a pizza cutter. The Enterprise-D should have been a serving dish. 3 dished connected: Serve on top of the saucer and 2 longer dishes as the nacelles. Then I want shuttle craft salt and pepper shakers…

  • Frontier

    The first one was cute, and made sense since the saucer was a circular saucer. But this… no.

    Time for a DS9 bottle opener/cork screw! Or a Voyager spatula!

  • Frontier

    You know, that’s not half bad. Make the saucer a segmented serving dish and the nacelles can be a variety of dipping sauces! 😀

  • hostile_17

    It’s been a long since I collected Trek crap, but I WANT THIS! So much.

    But not dishwasher safe? Meh. I’ll stick with my current non-Trek one then.

  • hostile_17

    You’re giving me fan boy lust, stop it.