Trek Toys Sneak Peek



Several Star Trek collectible toys were seen at the recent iHobby Expo.

The iHobby Expo runs through today, and bills itself as the “world’s largest model hobby show.”



The toys include a NX-01 refit model, a USS Enterprise Exploration Set, and an Enterprise bridge playset.

The USS Enterprise Exploration Set includes a phaser, communicator and a tricorder.

The bridge set is pictured with the main cast members. It’s unknown if the figures come with the set or must be purchased separately.

Larger-sized photos can be seen at the referring site.

Source: Trekweb

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  • milojthatch

    That NX-01 refit looks awesome! I’m sad we have yet to see it on screen. 🙁

  • Tastes Like Burning

    The NX-01 refit isnt a Diamond Select number is it?

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Interesting that it’s getting a general styrene kit release. There’s an identical (as far as I can tell) resin kit that’s been selling for a few years.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    No, it’s a Polar Lights/Round 2 kit. 1/1000 scale.

  • Matineer

    The Exploration Set and bridge are plastic kits you have to assemble. They are re-releases of AMT 1970s kits. I know the bridge kit has improvements — additional bulkheads to close the bridge, figure models.