Trek On TV Again?



According to Sky News Entertainment Reporter Joe Michalczuk, there is ongoing discussion regarding the possibility of getting Star Trek back on TV again.

The information comes courtesy of Star Trek into Darkness Co-writer Roberto Orci.

“Bob Orci just told me they’ve had a meeting with CBS to revive @StarTrek on TV,” said Michalczuk. “This made me v[ery] excited.”

However, it was only a few weeks ago that J.J. Abrams spoke on the matter, as reported by TrekWeb. “What I’ve been told from the powers that be [At CBS] is that they’re not interested.”

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Source: Joe Michalczuk's Twitter Feed

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  • Oswald Carnes

    Orci also claims to be a writer, which turns out not to be the case.

  • Jim

    If it’s set in the JJ Universe I won’t be watching.

  • choomster

    Agreed. I would rather it never come back if that were the case.

  • choomster

    I don’t want to see any TREK with it being so heavily infected and deluded with PC BS. And that is what it will become if JJ or any other Hollywood types get involved with it. I would rather it never come back if that happened.

  • Heisenberg

    trektoday trolls think people care about their vitriolic opinions…


  • Kang the Unbalanced

    It does seem to be the best way to get feedback directly to Bob Orci. Or at least to get cussed out by him.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I can say this.
    One, Trek 2009 was not the total fuckup that Star Trek Into Frontal Lobotomy was. In fact for the most part it was quite good.

    Two, on TV, even as producers, those knuckleheads would be far from the sole authors of content. We may get a truly shittastic pilot– written and/or produced and/or directed by Orci, Kurtzman, Lindehof, and JJ if his britches haven’t exceeded the event horizon by then. Eventually however other writers will be handling the regular stories, since those knuckleheads would be too busy smoking Hollywood choad and counting their money to be fucking it over full time.
    I would really like to see the potential of this new cast and Trek 2009 fulfilled, and a television series would be a better venue than another criminally idiotic movie.

  • choomster

    First, I seriously doubt any of the movie cast would want to be stuck with a weekly series, but then who knows? Secondly, I would love to see a new Series that will advance the premise that is TREK. But I have serious doubts about that with the people now in charge of it.

  • Godzilla

    Even if its a reboot of TNG and done REALLY REALLY well? Just because it in the JJ Timeline does not mean it’ll be bad TV. Even Abrams has said in the past that he recognizes what Trek should be on TV and how it differs from his movies.

  • Simon Skiles

    However, it was only a few weeks ago that J.J. Abrams spoke on the matter, as reported by TrekWeb. “What I’ve been told from the powers that be [At CBS] is that they’re not interested.”

    The powers that be don’t want you doing a Trek TV series, JJ.

  • Mike

    I don’t want this.

    I don’t want their filthy hands on ST anymore.

    That said, they were behind Transformers on the big screen, which is horrible, but they’re also responsible for Transformers Prime, which, admittedly, is really good…

    But I do not want them to have a ST series.

  • OphidianJaguar

    With regards to JJ saying that CBS is not interested is typical JJ with secrets, diversions and “noble lies.” He might know something is up and is denying it because we are getting our hopes up and by crushing our dreams so when a Start Trek TV series is announced we go apeshit.

    I have a feeling JJ will not be directly involved. With all the talent out there, Bryan Fuller, Bryan Singer, Ron Moore, Joss Whedon…as far as I know Orci, Kurtz, and JJ are responsible for the movies and have no tie to a TV show unless they want an alternate universe show *crossing fingers* please no!

    If a new series premieres and is limited to one network, it has to be a sci fi network Syfy (Space in Canada) and at a proper time, or if it is a new style of trek show maybe HBO or some other network like it. No more UPN bulls*it. And a proper time slot. Bottom line, syndication is best for Star Trek, the more channels the better.

  • BobZ

    Hoping for the best. I stopped watching television about 6 years ago. A new Star Trek show would bring me back.

  • BotanyCameos

    Maaaan, there’s a bunch of haters on today. Funny how you guys talk about JJ’s Trek as if it was such garbage when both the critics and the public liked the movies just fine.

    Haters gotta hate.

  • BotanyCameos

    This is a proper site where real fans come to get their info, don’t pollute the comment section with your childish hate all the time. (At least you’re not the worst one, some of the guys in the other comments earlier in this page are even worse.)

    You people already harassed Orci so much that he left the discussion with the fans, what more do you want? Children like the ones pouring out nothing but hatred and vitriol about everything and anything ruin all the good things for the majority of us, the fans who actually enjoy Star Trek and who wish wish there could be open channels of communication between the authors and us.

    Do you know there were asshats actually going to the various people who interacted with Orci on twitter to harass and attack people who talked to him in a friendly manner? I was there and saw it happen. This is one of the reasons he left twitter.

    People have no manners these days, and they seem to have forgotten the difference between communicating with authors and harassing them to the point that they snap. The fans feel they have the right to behave in a completely inhumane and harassing manner, but the moment the author, who is only human, finally snaps, all hell breaks lose and people act like he is scum for getting fed up of the constant hatred and harassment being vomited upon him.

    Shame on all of you haters. The guy finally left so he won’t be harassed anymore, so now you people want to vomit hatred everywhere in hopes it will somehow reach him??? wtf…

  • Peach Wookiee

    Considering he’s one of the hottest directors/producers out there, I doubt that’s the case. Just remember, JJ has tried to fool us before. I would love a good Trek series on the air and JJ would make it good and fun.

  • Theragen Derivative

    The information that we could all go “FUCK OFF” if we had any complaints about the brain cells we lost keeping up with the JJverse, and that magic tribble resurrections were the reason he writes the movies and we don’t, also came courtesy of Star Trek into Dorkness co-writer Bob Orci.

    Bob Orci’s too-cool-for-you-losers portrait pose, complete with fashionably groomed two-day stubble and top shirt button indifferently ripped wide open, came courtesy of a Hollywood portrait photographer whose background was taking frat-house group shots.

    Bob Orci’s multiple Internet handles, which he uses for his well-known trollings of online message boards (and a couple of which he appears to be employing in this very thread), come courtesy of his own deep-seated insecurities about his basic lack of talent.

  • Theragen Derivative

    Bob, just relax, lie down on the couch, and start from your early childhood. We can help you.

  • Blue Thunder

    Personally, I would rather see Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase 2 become the next Star Trek series. Or even better, Star Trek – Excelsior(a series about Captain Hikaru Sulu and the heroic crew of the U.S.S. Excelsior).

  • Blue Thunder

    Well said, sir. Well said. That’s something I’ve tried to point out concerning the hatred toward J.J. Abrams and anyone else asociated with the prequel reboots.

  • Blue Thunder

    It depends on the specific issue concerning Star Trek.

  • Blue Thunder

    “Eventually however other writers will be handling the regular stories, since those knuckleheads would be too busy smoking Hollywood choad and counting their money to be fucking it over full time.”
    Sounds like Farragut Films and their disrespective business partners on their worst day. Minus them smoking hashish.

  • Jason Nucker

    Do a mini series and base it off the New Frontier books. Interesting crew, story is already written, cameos from some established *proper* timeline characters. Wouldn’t be difficult to push the story a bit in the future so it takes place after Nemesis.

  • Anonymous

    Forward the timeline. 31st century, 29th century, 27th century, whatever. But for God’s sake, please just give us some ‘where no man has gone before,’ not more ‘adolescent, uncompelling retellings of stories we’ve watched 1000 times that were much better in the original because the current staff are too unintelligent to write an original story and too incompetent to market a star trek show without Spock and pointy ears.’

  • milojthatch

    See, for me both JJ-Trek films are crap. The idea of JJ-Trek is crap!

  • milojthatch

    Unless you liked the original 10 films and six tv shows, kindly shut up hater. Hating Enterprise and Nemesis or hating JJ-Trek isn’t really that different, yes? It’s just two sides of the coin, so please cut the crap!

  • milojthatch

    You mean like all the “fans” who would cuss out Rick Berman and Brannon Braga? Please, Bob Orci isn’t some golden child who deserves to be shielded from grumpy customers. It’s part of the process of making movies/tv shows: fan reaction. If he wants me to spend my hard earned money on his creations, he needs to make a product I’m willing to spend money on. If he doesn’t, he’s going to hear negative feed back. That’s not hate, it’s business.

  • milojthatch

    Two points: If Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman, Lindehof or any of that group have anything to do with a new show, or if that new show is set in the JJ-verse, I’m not watching, period! Yes, I’m but one fan and I realize there is a sizable group of “fans” that would watch, but if enough fans feel the same way I do, good luck with that show, and if they don’t, then I guess I really have been kicked out of the fan club and my beloved Star trek really is dead. Oh well, at least the Marvel Cinematic Universe is rocking it right now! I’ll spend my money and time over there! As Q once said, “All good things must come to an end.”

    Second point, after thinking about it, while I can agree that Trek should be about moving forward, I think I understand why Berman and Braga didn’t make a show set after the TNG era when Voyager ended. It gets to the point where what’s the point? The tech just gets so advanced that it starts to get silly. Personally, I feel that the 22nd Century to the 23rd Century (The Enterprise to TOS eras) are the most exciting settings in this franchise. I’d love to see something set after Enterprise and before TOS in the Prime Time Line. Maybe not every episode of Enterprise was amazing, but that era offers up so much potential. I’d love to see it explored better.

  • anthony webb

    that’s great as long as it is set in the future after generations ENTERPRISE F

  • James

    You really wouldn’t give it a chance?

  • James

    “I don’t want to see any TREK with it being so heavily infected and deluded with PC BS”

    Did you like TNG then? ‘Where no one has gone before’?

  • James

    I’m hopeful, Abrams and Orci’s TV output is really quite good.
    -The good Hawaii 5-0

    – The excellent Fringe
    – The rather good Sleepy Hollow

    Alias and Locke and Key I have not seen – but they have their fans.

  • James

    Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
    writer, co-executive producer

    Xena: Warrior Princess
    writer, co-executive producer, creative consultant

    Jack of All Trades
    writer, executive producer

    writer, supervising producer, co-executive producer, executive producer

    The Secret Service
    co-creator, co-writer, executive producer

    co-creator, writer, executive producer, consulting producer

    Transformers: Prime
    executive producer

    Hawaii Five-0
    developer, writer, executive producer

    Locke & Key
    co-creator, co-writer, executive producer

    Exit Strategy
    co-creator, co-writer, executive producer

    Sleepy Hollow
    co-creator, co-writer, executive producer

  • trekfan

    Exactly. A dozen more reasons why he’s not suited to write Trek.

  • James

    Have you ever seen Fringe? It’s amazing! Quite enjoying Sleepy Hollow as well.

    Fair play though, if you dont like anything on that list then him bringing Trek back to TV might not be good news for you. For me though – I’m excited 😉

  • Mike

    Yeah, I love how these folks think we just have a problem with JJ Abrams and Orci and Kurtzman just to have the problem… no, we have the problem with them because of what they’re doing… and we had the same problem with Stuart Baird, Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, et al. But we aren’t in that era at the moment. If you want to go back in time and check, yeah, we hated that, too. Why? It wasn’t good Star Trek. Why do we hate this? It isn’t because we have some irrational dislike of JJ Abrams. I don’t know JJ Abrams. I rather enjoyed some of his stuff. I’ve even enjoyed some of the stuff O&K have puked out over the years… less of it, mind you. But our dislike isn’t a random choice… it’s a decision made after consideration… If you’re new to Star Trek and you like this? That’s great, enjoy it. We like Star Trek, but we don’t like this. If you are new to Trek, that suggests you’re either 12 or you didn’t like previous Star Trek….. Which is more legitimate? Your likes and dislikes, or ours? Neither of them… All we’re saying is that we’re not being given the ST we deserve, nor the level of ST we had come to expect. That’s our opinion and our opinion is, guess what? Not necessarily your opinion. Now, are we vocal? Indeed. Do we expect and virtually demand a return to proper Star Trek? Indeed we do. And do we actually expect that to happen? Oh, yes, yes, in fact we do. Now, the big question: Why? Well, that’s easy: We’re the actual Star Trek fans that have been with this franchise for nearly half a century. We’re the fans that stayed with the franchise through thick and thin. And despite this nadir in quality, we’re still with it. We buy movie tickets, we watch television series, we buy merchandise….. And you and your ilk? Yeah… you don’t…. and yeah… since you don’t, there’s no way CBS and Paramount will divest themselves of the lucrative merchandising forever… which means a return to proper Star Trek is a foregone conclusion…. We’re just biding our time at this point for this period of stupidity to be over so we can get back to real Trek.

    And if you don’t like that? Well, what do I care? If JJ Trek is the only Trek you like, you won’t be here a decade from now, so why waste my time any further?

  • Mike

    You act like we have a personal vendetta against these hacks… Here’s a newsflash: EVERY PERSON HERE WANTS A GREAT STAR TREK FILM. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

    If you’re happy, great. We aren’t. And this comments section is for us, not Bob Orci…

  • Mike

    Does logic even exist in your world?

    So, they’re lying when they say they turned down a TV series from Abrams and co. in the wake of ST2009? And that’s just them foolin’ us?

    You get kudos for being a rare instance of someone spelling Wookiee correctly… but that’s about it.

  • Mike

    First run syndication is a different animal today than it was in 1986 when they were starting up TNG.

    Secondly, if JJ Abrams were to do a series, it would be in the alternate timeline. Why else is he there? He flatly stated that he needed the alternate in order to tell quality stories… Well, if he couldn’t manage 1 fresh story of 2 hours from 2 films and 4 hours, how would he manage 100+ hours of fresh television in the prime timeline? He couldn’t…

    So, yeah, do I think Trek is dead on TV forever? No, not at all. I firmly believe we will return to Trek on TV and that it will be within the prime timeline.

    As for where it will appear??? Probably another rebranding of Spike… maybe Showtime… most likely a CBS outlet, but not CBS. Star Trek is very unlikely to ever get 10+million viewers, which would fail on a network… but it could easily get 5+, which makes it a certified cable hit. Had Enterprise been on Spike instead of UPN, it would’ve gone its full 7.

  • Mike

    I was all for an Excelsior series prior to Enterprise being chosen, but at this point, it might not be the best choice… But I’d still enjoy it.

  • Mike

    They should do a series set in the early 24th Century… if they started in 2308, the third season would include the Tomed Incident with the Romulans… and, on top of that, by setting it there you basically reset it to TOS’s timeframe… ie TOS started in 1966 and was set in 2266… So, if you set a new series in the interim between the TOS movie era and TNG, but at the beginning of the era corresponding to our own timeframe, you have the discovery of the Cardassians, you have what happens with the Klingons that make them go from Gorkon/Azetbur to K’mpec’s renewed bellicosity, and, on top of all of it, you can have anyone from TOS in it at virtually their correct age. I’d be far more interested in all that than almost anything I’ve otherwise heard.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Looking at Star Trek Into Mental Retardation, I can see that I owe both Rick Berman and Brannon Braga a huge apology. Even when they did it poorly, they at least knew what Trek should be, and could be. I thought they were horrible at the time; little did I know. Nothing they did was nearly as bad as this last crappy overbudgeted fan production.
    Well, except for “These are the Voyages”. There’s a place in hell with their Brannon’s name on it for that one.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    I’m curious, why is this downvoted?

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    No, no, if that’s anyone that’s Alex. Bob would have been firing off F-bombs by the second sentence.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    In my case it was a joke, aimed at yet another “who cares what you say” poster.


    You have one very valid point, and because of this it saddens me to see your post downvoted here.

    Trek fans should be more tolerant and less rabid. It’s something that Star Trek teaches, no matter which version. Yes, even JJTrek– in 2009, at least.
    Leaving aside the long tirade which the little voices are feeding me now, I simply say:
    I agree. Tolerance and understanding are important parts of Star Trek. Problems being solved by dialogue, understanding, cooperation. Investigating first and shooting if you have to. IDIC, for fuck’s sake.
    I’ve let my frustration and irritation speak for me in many situations where it was not warranted. Therapy and medication are making headway, but it’s a long-term process.
    I could point and say it’s the new fans behaving this way, but it’s not. It’s on all sides, because yes indeed there are more sides than just two.
    So I will try to be less reactive, and try to make it clearer when I am joking.

    (Perhaps emoticons would help?
    Gaah! No. Just no. )

  • Mike

    I don’t think it’s pc bs that’s the problem with Trek at the moment… PC suggests that there’s something there to actually consider and think about… here? No such thing exists… So, I wouldn’t call it pc as much as mindless…

  • Mike

    So, we’re supposed to bend over and thank them for the raping? No thanks. I’m emphatic as to what I believe, but with a few notable exceptions, I don’t attack or degrade anyone for thinking what they want… Now, if they come at us as fogies or anything of the sort that suggests we shouldn’t have our opinion, yeah, I get testy… But, take James as an example. He and I don’t agree about JJTrek at all. But I’m completely civil with James at all times because James is here to talk about Star Trek, not just tell us to shut up with our dislike or to tell us to move on… It’s called reaction instead of action for a reason… I don’t go into any article and start out by going after anyone, but if people come in and are going to be snarky about the vast majority of Star Trek, while holding up JJTrek, yeah, they’re going to get a response, and that response is going to reflect their own attitude back at them… I don’t think that’s unfair, unwarranted, or unTrekish. To paraphrase, the line must be drawn here, this far, no further. But yeah, I’d much rather have a nice, friendly set of disagreements than full on arguments, but I’m not above arguing my point if someone is intent on it.

  • Mike

    This guy, BotanyCameos, actually does have some pertinent observations about the movie. He posted on a really old article a few weeks back, I’m probably the only one that read the exchange because I got update reminder links from Disqus… But I will have to rewatch STD to see everything he said… point being, regardless of who this is, I’m fine to discuss Star Trek rationally, but rationally requires us to leave our baggage at the door… both good and bad… and I don’t think many Trek fans are willing to do that. I can certainly see the weaknesses in older Trek, why can’t fans of JJ Abrams admit that this wasn’t the best thing since sliced bread?

  • choomster

    What does “TNG” have to do with it?

  • James

    TNG was the post PC of all the Trek series in my opinion. Hence why I ask the question.