Star Trek 2014 Calendar



The year is almost over, and for Star Trek fans, that means getting a new Star Trek calendar.

The Star Trek Ships of the Line 2014 calendar will debut soon, and fans can see the front and back covers of it now.

Contributors to this year’s Ship of the Line calendar include: Doug Drexler, John Eaves, Leonard A. Emery, Douglas E. Graves, Jim Hibbert, D.M. Phoenix, Mark Rademaker, Tobias Richter, Ali Ries, Alain Rivard, and Dan Uyeno.

Some of the fourteen ships include the USS Enterprise-E, USS Enterprise-J, a refit USS Enterprise, USS Rio Grande, shuttlecraft Herschel, USS Onimaru, USS Repulse, USS Reliant, Klingon Defense Force battlecruiser, IXS Enterprise, and the NX Enterprise.

The Ships of the Line 2014 calendar, available now, can be ordered here.


Source: StarTrek.comvia Memory Beta




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  • Jason Nucker

    No Enterprise F?

  • Daniel Ireland

    I bought the last two and I’ll be picking this one up as well. Some really fantastic Trek artwork 🙂