Quinto XBox One Commercial



Zachary Quinto is now appearing as Spock in a commercial for Xbox One.

Quinto joins Steven Gerrard, the captain of the Liverpool soccer team, in the commercial.

Microsoft has begun a multi-million dollar marketing campaign, encompassing television, radio, online, and print media. The campaign begins Sunday in North America, and next week in the UK.

The commercial, seen below, references Star Trek into Darkness, Titanfall, Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, and Dead Rising 3.

The Xbox One will be released November 22.

Source: Digital Spy

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  • Guest

    They were wise not to have her playing the GAME!

  • Ali Mac

    Just as with the STID marketing, here we see phaser-wielding Spock. You know what inspired me as a boy? Tricorder-wielding Spock, the logical, inquisitive scientist. I miss that character and his presence as a role model for young people today.

  • choomster

    Same here. TOS is the best TREK and will always be what TREK is about.

  • Theragen Derivative

    You mean you’re not into this emotional-basketcase New Spock who screams a lot and beats the shit out of people? WTF?!

  • drumvan

    something didn’t look right about quinto’s spock makeup in that commercial. he almost looked like a quinto stunt double. not sure what it was. maybe the eyebrows? maybe he’s lost the “bulk” he had for stid? good to see trek in the public eye tho in a major marketing campaign.

  • Not even Spock can provide the logic needed to justify the purchase of X-Box One! PS4, I’m coming home, Sony! X360 kicked your last one’s butt, but Microsoft’s DRM decisions (despite backpedaling due to crushing customer demand) show they’re not the ones to trust in the next generation… OF GAMES.

    No matter how much I might miss some of my beloved xbox exclusive franchises.

  • Corylea

    Absolutely! And not just tricorder-wielding Spock, but also NERVE-PINCHING Spock who could painlessly render people unconscious, rather than SHOOTING them.

    Not to mention a Spock who was cool and controlled, rather than one who screams and beats people up. *sigh*