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Star Trek into DarknessZachary Quinto is one of the celebrities taking part in the annual Sound Off for Autism Speaks fundraising effort.

Quinto joins Adam West, Bryan Cranston, Cher, Jack Black, Jim Parsons, Mark Hamill, Michael Dorn, Peter Dinklage, and Vin Scully in the effort to raise funds for Autism Speaks’ research and advocacy efforts.

For a $299.00 donation, fans have the opportunity to order a limited number of custom-recorded messages from the celebrities, including Quinto. The messages are available for purchase from now through Friday the 18th. “Fans will have the unique opportunity to specify what they want their chosen celebrity to say in the message. Autism Speaks will send fans a digital file of their message once it has been recorded by their celebrity.”

Last year’s campaign, led by Ed Asner whose son Matt is executive director of Southern California for Autism Speaks, raised more than $100,000, and included Star Trek‘s Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, and William Shatner.

Last year, I got together with Matt and we discussed what my friends and I could do to support the important work of Autism Speaks,” said Asner. “We decided that bringing together a group of celebrities with great voices to do a kind of ‘voiceathon’ would be a fun way to raise awareness and funds for the autism community. The campaign was such an overwhelming success and received so much positive feedback we had to do it again.”

To order your message, head to the link located here.

Sample recordings can be heard here (scroll down past the picture).

Source: Press release

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  • milojthatch

    All disdain for JJ-Trek aside, I can fully back Mr. Quinto on this one. As someone who works with special needs children, I’m happy to see this and tip my hat to Quinto for his support. 😀

  • Guest

    When reached for comment, members of the autistic non-community responded to the dedication and generosity put forth for their benefit by having no feelings about or interest in that subject whatsoever, instead continuing the insular activities in which they had been previously engaged.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Don’t quit your day job. But do quit breathing, you’re taking oxygen away from those that are using their brains for something other than a paperweight.

  • Guest

    Or perhaps they can indeed feel homicidal rage, eh? Is this worse than the time Mom moved your My Little Ponys from their perfect alignment on your shelf?

  • TBonzie

    OK guys, knock this $*#@ off.

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    If tou want to know how someone with one of the widely varied autism-spectrum disorders feels, perhaps you should consider asking them, or their families, or caregivers. Or would that be too much like work?