Mirror Mirror Print Set



A set of three prints is being released in honor of the forty-sixth anniversary of the original series episode Mirror, Mirror.

The prints feature Spock (two of the prints) and Kirk and Spock.

Offered by Generation Gallery, nine-hundred-and-ninety-five sets will be produced. The first print, 16.5″ by 11.7″, created by Joe Corroney, shows two Spocks from the Mirror, Mirror episode, both holding weapons. The Empire symbol is also on the print as is the USS Enterprise.

The other two prints feature Spock and Kirk (this looks like it was taken from The Devil in the Dark episode), and Spock on the bridge of the Enterprise.

The trio of prints is produced on 300gsm textured fine art paper and is hand-numbered. The set will sell for £26.00 in the UK (with free UK shipping) or $35 US. To order, head to the link located here.

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Source: StarTrek.com

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  • Mike

    Wow… So, JJ Abrams can’t compete with THIS?!?!

    Click the middle image. Look at it. LOOOOOK AT IT!!!!!! Behold the 3 base photoshop filters applied to a google image search image, printed on a sheet of paper the size of a notebook, but only using half the page… And they want almost $12 per pic? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Here’s one bit of advice for the hack doing these things: If you’re going to make a 46th anniversary (and that’s stupid in itself) set for Mirror, Mirror… I dunno, maybe you should start with your Google Image search on images from Mirror, Mirror…. Wacky idea, I know.

  • Theragen Derivative

    Somehow I don’t see Mirror Spock using a dagger. Too thuggish, clumsy, and human a weapon.

    One of the brilliant strokes of the character was the twist on the established concept of Spock as a highly-advanced alien stranded among barbarians. Violence was an artifice for Mirror Spock; he used it as a means to an end, but clearly didn’t revel in it the way his human shipmates did. But his calculatingly logical willingness to use it, coupled with his chessmaster’s mind, made him the most dangerous man aboard. The same qualities also, ironically, made him the only possible candidate for reform of the Empire. Kirk was right; the two Spocks really WERE little different from one another when you got right down to it.

  • a

    The middle image is from the episode ‘Devil in the Dark’. The third image looks more like a stock image, a character publicity photo.